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How long might a broken elbow hurt?

Asked by PeterM (448points) September 3rd, 2008

I broke my elbow on the 23rd (slipped and fell on slippery rocks in a mountain stream). Chipped a piece off the bone against the inner elbow (which is apparently really unusual) and cracked the bone in the back. I also twisted the arm and pulled the muscles like crazy.

It all still hurts a lot if I move my arm much. I know it’s supposed to take six weeks or more for the bones to heal, but how long is it all going to hurt?

I’ve seen an orthopedist, and I’ll ask him these questions next Friday, by the way. I realize that everyone is different, but if you’ve broken your elbow, I’d like to hear about it.

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I fractured my radial head once. Since the radial head is necessary for the bending and twisting motion of the elbow, I had to do exercises while the bone was still healing. No cast.

The initial pain of the break took about 5 days to subside. The exercises were painful, but eased the more I performed them. Sometimes my elbow still hurts, in that dull ache sort of way.

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drink a lot of MILK

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If you have a bone chip free in there, it’ll probably hurt until you can get that taken out. Or until your body breaks it down and absorbs it.

I feel your pain.

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oh oh, also How old are you?

or ABOUT how old, Or just say if you are young or old. (I don’t want you giving out personal info…)

since that makes a HUGE difference in the recovery time.

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Short answer: Forever.

You’ll love winters, especially as you get progressively older. Also, any kind of physical stress that involves you using your elbow (to swing a bat, to lift heavy objects, to stop yourself from falling) will cause a noticible discomfort.

I tore a ligiment in one of my knees (pro wrestling accident… I swear, I spend 5 years flipping around, rolling through barbed wire, jumping off of tall structures, but I literally drop from standing to my knees… a distance of maybe 2 feet… and blow out my knee) and it still hurts when the weather’s right. It’s been… 6 years ago or so.

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was Lovelocke your stagename?

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Nah. Lovelocke’s my handle/alter ego. for more on that…

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@Lovelocke: Are you the writer of Projectblack, or are you one of the wrestlers in the film? Or, both?

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Wrestlers in the film? What are you talking about?

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The wrestling “channel”...farther down on the page

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@windex: Milk? Really? I guess I’ll have to eat a lot of chocolate then, too. :D

I’m 44, by the way. And relatively healthy, although I should really lose some weight. Okay, a lot of weight.

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@stratman37: The orthopedist said that the chip should just heal back into place, and actually be stronger than before.

@Lovelocke: Well, I’m trying to think positively. I broke my hand long ago, and haven’t had any trouble with it for a long time. The orthopedist seemed pretty positive about the breaks; can’t be sure about tendon damage (He’ll try to evaluate that next Friday), but all the signs so far are good. No tingling or numbness in the arm, and the strength in my hand is quite good.

But it still aches like crazy, particularly if I bump it or stretch carelessly. And not just in the elbow – all the muscles hurt like hell. I thought (hoped) that after twelve days I’d be feeling okay. Stupid of me, I guess; I know bones take much longer than that to heal.

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Hi, just to let you know i’ve broken my elbow, i did it on high jump at school in pe. I have had to have 3 wires put in and they soon have to be pulled out. Has anyone experienced this as i wounder weather it hurts.

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Hi, I will tell ya my story.
I broke my elbow- epicondyle 4 weeks ago. I had a cast for 3 weeks and 4 days ago doctor took it off and I am trying to make it work now. The problem is I have not moved or bended my arm for 3 weeks and now it is stiffed and I can not bend it or stretch it. And I am really afraid that I wont be able to make it work as it was before. Please let me know what can I do to stretch and bend it. Advice needed please.

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Broke my elbow (chipped off a ‘large’ piece of bone, per dr) and also dislocated it. Had surgery (not sure how necessary that was) but didn’t have much pain after about 3 months, just on and off. My problem is I can’t lift anything over about 5 pounds or a gallon of milk of which I cannot keep held up. Hard to explain, I can pick it up, but not hold it up for more than a few seconds. My arm is very weak, when do I get strength back? I went to therapy for 3 months already.

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