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Do you have any tips in swallowing a Centrum mens multi-vitamin?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16962points) 1 week ago

Other then breaking it in half? Like drinking with cold or hot water.

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Cold water on a hot day, warm water on a cold day.
If you break it in half you can do one of each!

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Don’t. You don’t need it unless you have a documented vitamin deficiency.

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@Caravanfan I was told to take them because I am not eating enough vegetables. By a member of my health team.

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Maybe you should eat more vegetables.

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@josie I will go shopping for vegetables tomorrow when I get paid.

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Plus vegetables are comparatively cheap, low in calories, filling.
Simple to cook, often pretty good uncooked.
Lots of benefit, no significant downside

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Just take a Flintstones chewable if it’s difficult to swallow. Make sure you get the one with no iron. Multivitamins for men have very low or no iron.

Probably you already bought a bottle of the centrum though, so I suggest room temperature water so it’s easy to swallow the water. I find it’s easier if I just ate some foot.

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Or slip in a banana slice to help it go down more comfortably.

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Just like for pets, use a small chunk of cheese, or banana

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I suck mine down with my morning oatmeal.
I make oats, add sugar and milk, stir it up into a slurry, and slurp it down straight out of the pan like soup. Pills go down easily for me.

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“because I am not eating enough vegetables.”

You could just eat more vegetables.

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Put a vitamin or any other pill in your jello and it will slide down easily.

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Have you tried drinking your water through a straw? I put the pill on my tongue near the back of my mouth and then drink my water through a straw. As the water rushes in through the straw it lifts the pill and I swallow fast so it goes straight down. My brain and throat don’t have time to remember that there’s a pill going down with it

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@SEKA Just tried it. It worked perfectly. I will use a straw from now on.

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