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Immediately, without thinking, what is something in your home that you are proud of?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 25th, 2020

Excluding partners, kids & pets.

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My telescope mount.

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My strawberry blanket that I won at a fair for a quarter. Also my GE clock radio. First thing other than food that I bought in 1990 with my own money $19.99. From Consumers Distributing.

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My craft room.

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The house itself.
How did I ever fall into this?

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Mrs Squeeky!

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Fail…read the details trucker boy!

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My photographs

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What about you?

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Artwork and improvements my husband and I made.

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My homemade doll.

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I move to allow squeeky’s answer on the grounds he was so moved as to defy the rules for his wife.

My answer, my new scooter, and my works in progress.

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@josie Immediately & without thinking, my battered old baseball cap I frequently wear on my runs. That thing has been through many hard miles with me over these past 5yrs, kind of my running buddy.

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My most recent shit.

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My Ancestor Chart on the wall , which involved over 25 years of research.

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