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What is a good self defense weapon?

Asked by emorris25 (78points) 2 weeks ago

I’m in the process of getting my permit to carry but was wondering what everyone’s preference is as far as a gun. Im personally thinking about a 9MM Glock but not exactly sure.

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Don’t you have convictions for assault and terroristic threats or something?

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I have misdemeanor’s which isn’t an issue.

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If you think your Glock will save you, you better be trained to at least professional levels and after that hope that if you are cool and your heart rate is less than about 120, you will be able to hit something vital, because if you don’t your 9 mm will just piss off most lunatics.

And after that the cops arrive and you are the guy holding a gun.

Think about it.

I know as much as anybody about weapons.

My home defense weapons are a Louisville Slugger and a KaBar knife.

I have a carry permit. But only because I want to have it. On the street, if I can’t scare them with my presence, or disable them if they get too close, then they win. What if you miss and hit a kid?

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I’m with @josie I have two two short bats in different parts of house.!

One between the legs, going up, the next under the jaw !
If they fry to get up…they’re on their knees.

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If I had my druthers, I’d druther have a Walther PPK.

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I’m also with @josie. In high-pressure situations, we don’t rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training. A gun isn’t a self-defense weapon unless you know how to use it—and even then, luck and circumstance play more of a role than you might realize. So think less about the caliber of the gun and more about the caliber of the shooter.

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I have a compact crossbow with a broad head bolt and a laser. It’s enough to scare the hell out of anyone breaking into my home. It’s also visually obvious when it’s loaded or not, so you can’t accidentally “leave one in the chamber.” There’s also no risk of a bolt traveling through a wall and hurting someone unintentionally.

Just to be clear, my first instinct is to escape and call the cops. This is only a last resort option.

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I like to disarm in two ways.

1) Charm the pants off them

2) Use my rapier wit

Guns are bad man!

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If it’s for personal carry, a subcompact .380, is probably the most popular…

I usually recommend mace.

If you have to use it, spray it, in a figure 8 pattern, focusing on the nose, and eyes. But. You shouldn’t use it, in a closed space, or indoors.

Your number one weapon, is your brain. Try to stay aware of your surroundings, and what situations, you get into…

@Josie , is correct. A 9mm, is a fast bullet. It is not likely to stop an attacker. A .380, is basically the same projectile, as is a .38 cal…

If you want knock down power, go with a .40 cal/10mm, or higher.

A revolver, is nice choice. It will hold less rounds, but is more dependable. It’s also less safe, though. It always has a round chambered. Therefore, you could shoot yourself, while drawing it.

NEVER draw, with your finger, on the trigger.

It’s been proven that a person who has a knife, can usually close the distance between you, before most can draw a firearm.

It’s honestly best, not to carry a firearm…

Unless you are highly trained…

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@josie is correct. I grew up sitting at the kitchen table while my father cleaned his guns. But his choice for home defense – the handle (head removed) of a wood-splitting axe. For myself, when I lived alone (in a not so-great apartment complex) I kept an aluminum baseball bat beside my bed.

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I have a Remington 870 Express as my go to.
In a highly tense situation, I am confident that I will hit the side of a barn. A very small, moving barn.:)

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Read this article on gun ownership.

Living in your house with a gun increase your odds of death in the home.

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By the way anything could be used as a weapon even as small as a pen or pencil.
In life or death situations anything could be used as is.

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Diplomacy and awareness.

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Also a good pair of running shoes helps with form fitting clothes. For fighting, and making a clean get a way.

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You can always carry a role of quarters….

Lots of bikers, have a bandanna, with a pad lock tied to it. They usually keep them in their back pocket…

You wouldn’t need a carry license, for either.

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You can get a small, short, wooden bat at some truck stops. Truckers use them, primarily, to thump their tires. As a club, the length would be advantageous in close quarters combat, if required.

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