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What do you think your reaction would be if a person angrily went up to you in public and intentionally coughed on you?

Asked by jca2 (16460points) June 27th, 2020

I came upon this story in a Pier 1 group on FB. A lady was ranting in a Pier 1 in Jacksonville and someone starting videoing the incident. The angry customer went up to the lady filming and intentionally coughed on her.

The lady filming was a brain cancer patient with a compromised immune system, but that’s beside the point. I believe that it’s also illegal and when it’s happened elsewhere, there were criminal charges.

If you were the person getting purposely coughed on, what do you think your reaction would be?

Video and article:

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I think my instinctive reaction would be to break their freakin’ nose. Just as hard as I could!

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I’d look at them with utter disgust, and then call the cops. It’s assault.

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I asked my husband what he thought I’d do. He said that I’d crack them.He’s probably right.
As for filming or photographing people without their permission?
That is a risky move & very foolish, not to mention and invasion of privacy, IMO.

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I don’t think it’s an invasion of privacy. If it was, if it was illegal, all of those cops caught on tape would have gotten off scott free.

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My understanding has always been that it’s not illegal to film people in public. While a store is privately held property, it is still a public place. This is why people like the “Central Park Karen” and others are being videoed right and left. It’s a good question, @lucillelucillelucille, and I just googled it because I’m usually into finding out what’s accurate, not just what I think.

In the Pier 1 incident, there’s no question that the filming probably pissed the lady off even more. Apparently what she wanted, what was posted in the PIer 1 group, is she wanted to return an item she only had a photo of, and the store clerk told her it wasn’t possible.

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@jca2 -We used to carry model releases when out & about with a camera back in college.
The instructor stressed that we could get in trouble if we were to publish photos with people that could be recognized and didn’t want their image out there.
I don’t know what he’d say about today’s situations.
People with cameras and phones nowadays capture everything on them whether you like it or not.
I’ve seen photos of myself taken by who knows who on a boating website. I never would’ve known they were there had a friend not told me. i didn’t like it.
Another time, my husband caught a man video taping a friend and I. He made him stop.
As for the Pier 1 lady, she sounds “off” for sure but there are plenty of regular people who have no problem snapping pictures and taking videos.
I think there are cases of people posting photos online of their exes in compromised positions to get revenge. I believe some have gotten into trouble by doing that as they should

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Instinctively I would try and beat the shit out of them. But I can’t plan out how I would react. I would probably at least try and film them and post their image on twitter and publicly shame them, since that’s how things work nowadays.

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Filming/photographic someone in public is not illegal, nor is it an invasion of privacy. A private business, such as Pier 1, may choose to allow or disallow cameras inside their store as they wish.

Model releases are a different matter and are more of a contract/business issue.

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Coughing in my face, regardless of any pandemic, is getting you a slap.

As for sticking a camera in your space, invasion of privacy or not, that’s just fucking rude.

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Cough back on them and tell them I have a virus.
If they report it then the in store surveillance camera would have it on file plus witnesses.
I don’t think in that case that the person would report anything but it sure would make them think about how it feels to be treated like they dish out.
(hopeful it doesn’t turn into a brawl?)

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Good point by @Darth_Algar about model releases. The photographer doesn’t want the model coming back in the future saying “you owe me money.”

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It wouldn’t bother me if it was illegal or not. I would definitely take their photo plus show it to the police as I’m p.d .sure spitting in faces is illegal. .In these Covid days it certainly is immoral.
In some circumstances taking that photo and reporting it could even save lives if the offender has a habit of doing that kind of thing.
Yes, my first instinct would be to smack them with my walking stick but I would probably manage to resist that.

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I’d punch them, in their mouth…

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