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Do you know anyone who runs medical imaging equipment like MRI, CT Scan, laproscopic support equipment?

Asked by tekn0lust (1861points) September 3rd, 2008

I am thinking of making a complete change in my profession and would really like to pursue the training necessary to work in medical imaging. However, I don’t know anyone in this field so I thought I’d ask my fellow flutherites who have yet to let me down.

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Yes, I know radiology technicians. It is a very rewarding job. It takes several years of school/training to learn how to run the complex machines like MRIs and CT scanners. Basic imaging (x-ray, ultrasound, etc.) takes less time to learn.

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Well I don’t know her personally and I can’t remember her name, but but I remember the ridiculous cost of a couple pictures of my intestines that she took. Does that count?

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Where I want to go is kinda the middle man between the doctor and the radiologist(i know they are both doctors). Medical technology is progressing so rapidly that a highly technical, even artistic to some degree, operator is necessary to get the best results. A Doctor may order an MRI for their patient, but doesn’t care about the technical details in getting the results. All they care about are the best possible picture of the patient to aid them in diagnosis. A radiologist is going to read the test to add their expertise to the end results, but there is still room for a highly technical operator who is able to make that machine works it’s magic. I’d like to find out how to be that person. That would make getting up in the morning really great for me.

Just FYI, I do have a pretty significant medical background and even more significant technical and imaging background. I even took the MCAT and had planned to pursue medical school myself until I figured out I couldn’t choose being a doctor over my wife and kids. I love medicine and would love to be a part of it somehow.

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My twin brother is an interventional radiologist, and he works with radiology assistants. They do a lot of procedures for with him, and are well compensated for it. Alternatively, you could learn to run the machines. Look online for radiology technician schools. I’m sure you will find plenty.

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I keep seeing two terms online “radiology technician” and “radiology technologist”. Does your brother have any input on the difference in the two? It may just be semantic.

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I had a friend that was running a very profitable string of independent medical imaging centers all over the U.S. Unfortunately, the government passed a law that meant Medicare would not pay for the scans unless the center was associated with a hospital. It killed his entire business.

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There is skill involved in doing a mammogram, but I can’t imagine men being allowed to do it – at least for the present.

Other areas that do not require an MD. licence are doing bone scans and radiation for cancer (after the doctor sets up the staging)

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So men are allowed to deliver babies, but shouldn’t be allowed to perform a mammogram? Not following you here Gail.

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@I have had them done by men.

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