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What does your partner/spouse/family/friend think of your participation here?

Asked by ucme (50037points) June 27th, 2020

If they knowitall know at all :-)
Answer as if you care :D

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My wife couldn’t care less but she likes a couple of you a lot.
My son & daughter show occasional curiosity & my daughter even came up with a question idea one time, cant recall which though…probably the best one :D

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Only a couple of people know about this site and don’t seem interested in it at all. Go figure!

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My wife is absolutely gleeful over the fact that I participate here. It renders her free from any criticism or fault finding on my part regardless of the issue. She’s a clever girl, and understood right off the bat that my inability to defend the time wasted here leaves me wide open to the threat of having my embarrassing secret revealed to those who would club me senseless with it.

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I don’t have a partner or a spouse. I tell very few people about this site because there’s such a small base of people participating, I worry that if someone knew I were here and wanted to, they could figure out which Jelly I am, based upon comments I’ve made about what I do for a living, where I live, pets, family, etc.

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My mom used to religiously check the question (wasn’t actually a question) about my cancer I posted here.

I posted updates here to keep her from emailing me 20 times a day.

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He has questioned my sanity and I have questioned his question.

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Nobody else knows

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My husband hates it. ;)

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@Jonsblond Haha…I hear ya :-)

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The SO doesn’t care for Fluther. It doesn’t appeal to his personality characteristics. He understands why I still hang around here, I think, and so the topic doesn’t come up.

The site, in general, has been mentioned to other family members. They aren’t interested.

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They find it pretty amusing that I spend so much time here.

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My family doesn’t feel the need to be bothered by it. I’ve mentioned some of the responses to my bestie and she tends to poo poo them and goes on with her life. Since she’s never asked for the addy, I’ve not offered to give it to her

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They think it’s weird.

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They are unaware of its existence.

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They don’t care, but I often repeat jellies counter arguments to them for fun in regards to a few subjects.

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@KNOWITALL Oh, some people here are unintentionally hilarious & a constant amusement.

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My wife knows and was a member here for ten minutes years ago, but it didn’t appeal to her. I’ll mention Fluther conversations occasionally and she’s just like, “Oh, your internet friends.”

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My husband use to care in the beginning and it annoyed him but he’s addicted to playing games on his phone and had no leg to stand on. When I was constantly on here and he criticized me and said it was an addiction to which I would point out his game addiction and he learned to stop complaining about it. Now, I’m hardly on here so he really doesn’t care. His game addiction lives on though.

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