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Is there anything different due to the Coronavirus that you wish would remain?

Asked by jca2 (8626points) 5 days ago

It used to be, when my daughter has an appointment with the orthodontist, a waiting room full of kids and parents and the whole thing took about 45 minutes, between the wait and the visit. Now, you drive up, call them, confirm your cell number, they call you shortly after and you send the kid in solo. The kid comes out about ten minutes later and then the doctor calls you right then to discuss things. The whole thing is about 15 minutes, tops.

I like the new way much better than the old way.

How about you? Have there been any changes to anything that you hope and wish would remain?

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Working from home.

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I like the cleanliness! Grocery carts are cleaned by staff before you touch them. No more sticky messes.
Wipes are offered everywhere. Hand sanitizer dispensers are everywhere – and working!
People also seem to be much nicer at the grocery store, too. Everyone leaves room for the other person. And we are all wearing masks which is a sign of “we’re all in this together” solidarity.

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The only thing I would want to remain is the low traffic on freeways.

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I’d have to say less traffic as well.

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I actually like the social distancing ,drives me crazy when in stores people are breathing down your neck.

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I like that the masks hide people with enormous blubbery noses :D

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Closer ties to my neighbors.

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The traffic letup is without question the great boon along with the accompanying reduction of noise. No solicitors, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses. There was a huge reduction in phone pitches, but they are sadly on the way back up. Prior to the plague I would not have believed that I would be so content in not leaving the house for days at a time. I can’t believe how much money I save in gasoline, bridge tolls, etc. No dry cleaning bills. I haven’t bought a stitch of clothing since Christmas shopping.

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I love the six feet apart seating!

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If it is true, the reduction of global pollution.

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Masks. People are not as pretty as they think.

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The air is cleaner, or at least it was up until they started opening things up again. My friends who had to drive, said there was a lot less traffic, at least for awhile.

The fact that some stores are actively cleaning the carts and hand baskets. That always grossed me out before, and I always did what I could to clean them myself.

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Working from home. More specifically my husband working from home.

Less traffic because people are working from home.

More emphasis on cleanliness in stores and restaurants.

No more shaking hands with strangers.

Most of my doctors do all the paperwork before the appointment including the insurance. Previously they would have all of my information and then still insist on seeing my insurance car every time, which I always thought was ridiculous. Now, all of a sudden they don’t need it.

Video or phone doctor appointments. I’ve been wanting this for ten years!

Everyone is more like me now when it comes to being aware of moving germs around and illness.

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Since I’m working from home the majority of the time, I’m able to talk on the phone with friends more now. The summer is more leisurely, we’re enjoying living here more than any other summer, and normally I’m rushing after work and don’t have time for phone calls. Since the whole stay-at-home-Covid thing started, friends are touching base on the phone and checking in with each other.

I like shows where they’re filming from home. Late night shows like Stephen Colbert and James Corden, and morning shows like Kelly and Ryan, and The Today Show, I really enjoy seeing people’s houses. I don’t mind that they’re not in front of a live studio and that they’re not prancing around dressed up. I wonder if some of them will continue filming from home instead of on the set. The guests are at their homes, as well, which is kind of nice, kind of a personal touch.

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Oh, regarding what @jca2 just said, I love seeing dogs meander through the news people’s home studios. They should all continue to broadcast from home.

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^^Dogs, kids, I love all of that with people broadcasting from home. I find it so odd when people get angry about it. If it happened all of the time as an interruption I would understand, but usually it’s not disruptive and it’s not all of the time.

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While everything was shut down, fluther was more active.

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