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How do you fix Facebook Live, and delete a 2nd Facebook account?

Asked by Kardamom (31215points) 3 days ago from iPhone

This question is on behalf of a friend who is having two separate issues with Facebook.

Neither one of us are techies, so hopefully one of you smart people can help, and also describe how to fix one, or both of the problems as if you are explaining it to a Kindergartner.

The first problem is that my friend had been successfully using Facebook Live, about every two weeks, for the last 3 months, to share his guitar playing with friends. A few days ago, he tried to activate it and he said it now sends him to a place where he is supposed to choose one of 3 apps. He was using the free version of Facebook Live for about 3 months, until it stopped working the way it used to. I don’t know all of the details except what I am relaying here. I’m wondering if maybe he was using a “free trial” version that has run out.

In the meantime, I believe he tried to set up a second account, with a slight variation of his name (example: Tom Smith/Thomas Smith) to try to do a workaround. He only wants to have the original FB account under the name by which he actually goes, “Tom Smith” but now he can’t seem to delete the 2nd account, and the Facebook Live still won’t work on either one of the accounts. Any idea how to delete one account, while preserving the original account?

I don’t know if it matters, but he is using an ipad, but I don’t know which model. I am not techie enough to even ask the proper questions, so I apologize in advance.

Thank you smart techies on behalf of my friend.

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