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How does one find out a ring size for someone you are going to propose to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17006points) 1 week ago

Whats the procedure for selecting the ring?

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The first thing is to assess whether the partner wants to pick it out or be surprised.

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My husband snuck a ring out of my jewelry box and took it to the jeweler to determine the size. Then he slipped it back in the box before I missed it

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My soon to be wife went with me to a Jeweler, we picked out engagement ring together. Same with Wedding bands !

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Open communication between couples is the most important trait of a successful marriage. Surprises are not more important than that. The proposal “surprise” can be done before the ring.

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I just borrowed one of wife’s rings that was on the table (she always leaves them on a table), measured the diameter in mm, convert to circumstance, and had the jeweler match it in his ring size chart. Has worked multiple times over the years.

Plus, shoe size is often related to ring-finger size as a loose guide.

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We picked out our rings together.

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Well, did you propose? If so, how did you choose to do it?

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@SEKA No. I am not dating anyone. Just wondering.

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Me too ;)

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