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Has a twenty second counter for the bathroom been invented yet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16961points) 3 days ago

To time washing my hands with soap to prevent Covid19? Like an egg timer but for 20 seconds.

I would like to buy one. Or if not then I will use my microwaves timer.

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What’s wrong with simply counting to twenty?

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The new software for Apple Watch apparently does include this feature.

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@elbanditoroso Not every ones twenty seconds is always arcuate or precise as needed.

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My phone has a countdown feature, and a stopwatch.

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Well, here’s what I did, because I would go nuts if I had to sing “Happy Birthday” to myself all the time: I went to YouTube, picked a piece of music I liked, and noted how much of it played in twenty seconds, going by YouTube’s timer.

Then I just let that much of it play in my head, and there was my counter.

When I got tired of one, I picked another.

=> Note that it isn’t crucial to stop at twenty seconds, so it’s fine to go over by a little. Better to be on the safe side.

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I count to 120, then count backwards from to 20, and wash my hands the remainder of the time I am counting.

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Who would bother manufacturing and marketing such a thing when the same function is already done by a million other devices out there?

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Why don’t you all simply give your hands a thorough washing instead of complying to a pointless directive like willing little sheep?

We all have been washing our hands for at least that amount of time for forever, second nature.
Are we not children?

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@Darth_Algar Believe me, people really need this. Think about the three minute timer for eggs, and two minute timer for teeth brushing.

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@ucme Most people rub their hands under the running water for a few seconds, and that’s all. They have not been taught the correct way. This is similar to the necessary lessons on how to brush our teeth.

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Brush teeth? Wouldn’t that get hair in my mouth?

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@YARNLADY Well then, “most people” are unhygienic morons.

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I would have said try a battery operated kitchen timer but on reflection it is best not to use a timer at all, as you would have to press a button or something to get it started on the countdown…with your unwashed hands !!
Why not work out some song lines that take that long and sing your way through?

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Why not have a timer to make it just a bit less boring? What harm is there in making something a game?

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The point was that if a person really needs a timer to perform basic functions there are many devices already on the market that fill that role.

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A timer would be ineffective as you set the 20 seconds and it will take 5–10 seconds to get your hands under the water to start washing. My watch is a waterproof digital and also shows the seconds. I start washing my hands then check the seconds on my watch. I wash to what feels like long enough and check my watch again to make sure it has been a minimum of 20 seconds. I’ve done it enough times now that my mind is pretty damn accurate at this point.

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Would it count as an invention? I doubt that you could get a patent for it. There would probably be a problem with criterion 4, the need to be “non-obvious”. Link

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Unfortunately only in bulk, but I think these would be great at my school.

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Maybe we could say “hey, GOOGLE (or SIRI)” set the timer for 20 seconds.

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The Apple watch has a new app to measure/track hand washing coming out with the next iOS iteration. .

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@RedDeerGuy1 I’ve been bombarded over the last few days with adverts for a wristband that warns you when you’re about to touch your face and it reminded me of you and your desire to invent unique gadgets:
This is one site
This is the 2nd site
Thought you’d enjoy checking them out. It’s not hand washing but it’s supposed to be better than hand washing

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