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May I start a new game?

Asked by Patty_Melt (15824points) 1 week ago

We haven’t been active with game threads in a while. I thought of one which might be fun and challenging.
The object is to write a coherent sentence using an antonym of a word from the previous sentence. Try to avoid sentences which are too short to allow for choices, run on sentences, and using words like do or can as transition words.
My example:
(First sentence) The food is too hot to eat.
(Response) Last winter was not as cold as some I recall.
(Next response) First grade was my favorite time of my life.

So I went from hot to cold, then from last to first. Use any word of the previous sentence, and using one or two same words is okay, but do not make an exact flip of the previous sentence, such as, my big dog is hungry, to my big dog isn’t hungry. Boring, and not challenging.

Suggestion: if you don’t have any ideas right off, follow the question so you can choose to jump in later.

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Sorry. Let’s start with -

First grade was my favorite time of my life.

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Second grade – - – I played in the playground for the first hour of class. Nobody came out to get me.

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With 20 years served of a lifetime sentence, you escaped prison. The governor turned out the National Guard.

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The National Guard turned the protestors away from the William Pettus bridge on day one of the March to Birmingham.

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Um, each response should be one sentence only, with one word an exact opposite of one word in the sentence posted before yours. You don’t do two sentences autonomous of everything else. They are linked together by whatever word you choose from the last sentence, and make it an opposite.
So far I’m not seeing anything close.
I will start over with the same sentence. Pick one word from my sentence, use the antonym (opposite meaning word) to build your own sentence. In turn, the next player takes one word of that sentence and uses an antonym to construct another new sentence. They could conceivably go together to make a paragraph, but for now, let’s stick with the basic rules.

First grade was my favorite part of my life.

Possible words to use: last, unloved, death

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The whole thing blew up in my face when I accidentally stepped on the alarm.

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Nothing sucked down on her ass, when I intentionally stepped off a hot crock of dials.

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Everything became clear once the blaring noise stopped.

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I see what you did there, Brian. SMH, LOL

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Nice to know I’m not the only one who appreciates my sophomoric raunchiness.

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Not a thing was any less murky, before the fun-sucking silence resumed!

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More people will now become terribly confused.

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Fewer inorganic objects, used to be wonderfully enlightened.

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