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How long do unopened (sealed) band-aids retain their stickiness?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28177points) 3 days ago

Do they expire? I have some disappointingly unstickey ones.

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I would think, that it depends on the adhesive. Also, storage conditions. Like temperature, packaging, and humidity…

You would also have to factor in, the variables, of the skin it’s being applied to.

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I have bought a brand new box only to open it to discover that it doesn’t stick very well. When my mom died, I discovered multiple boxes that only she knew how old they were. We don’t use a lot of band-aids so I put them in the back of the closet to use when needed. When that day arrived, I totally expected to find a dud. Wrapped it around my daughter’s finger and it worked perfectly. We used those band-aids for years with no problem.That’s when I bought the box referenced above that didn’t stick right out of the box. Funny thing was that they were the exact same brand. I guess it’s hit or miss on the adhesive and how the adhesive is applied when being made.

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Years for me.

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Living alone & with NO children, it takes me forever to go through a box of band-aids. I keep a roll of waterproof tape next to my box of band-aids. When the band-aid doesn’t stick properly, I take a length of the tape to wrap around the band-aid to help hold it securely in place. Works well!!!

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In 2006 I used a Band Aid with the red string to open it. They stopped using the red string to open in 1993, It was at least 13 years old. Don’t remember having any problems,

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I do not know as I go though them fast. Like lightning.

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I have “bandaids” that are ten years old s d they work just fine. I don’t use Bandaid brand, that’s why I put the quotes.

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I think it’s a brand issue. Dollar store-type adhesive bandages don’t usually stick well. Band-aids (brand) usually work great for me, regardless of age.

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