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Where are you most ticklish & do you laugh hysterically or lash out?

Asked by ucme (49810points) 2 days ago

I am most ticklish in the bedroom, but that’s another story!

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It could be anywhere because he makes an “I am going to get you!” face and I lose my mind.

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My sides. My sibling used to torture me! I laugh hysterically and kick whoever’s doing it. lol

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With three much older siblings, this body has left tickleless.

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Tickle my underarms & I flap like a recently decapitated chicken.
I once lay there & let the wife loose, tried to grin & bear it.
That did not go well lol

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I used to be ticklish in my ribs and my feet. But I got over it. I’m not really ticklish anymore.

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Knees, feet, rubs. I hate being tickled. I will punch you.

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On my thighs just above the knees.

One touch and I’m “The Bride.”

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