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How do I go get paid for answering questions, like in Fluther, but for cash?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16994points) 1 week ago

In Fluther I feel like I am free in charge of my own destiny, like a flexible work schedule.

I love Fluthering because I can participate at whim and have great freedom to ask and answer what ever comes into my head?

Why do some people grind in video games for fake gold, and not in real life for real cash ?

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Why would you believe such a place exists? I suppose there’s youtube. Good luck!

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You would actually have to work, and have a specific knowledge about a subject, so there’s that, but if you were willing to actually work, which I don’t think you are, based on a lot of what you’ve said here on Fluther, you could start a blog. Good blogs with lots of advertisers, make money, but to have a good blog (where you could be answering questions about your subject) you would have to know a lot about your subject, and then be willing to work to keep the blog going.

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@Kardamom ~I probably have lots of experience in cutting corners, and dreaming.

Blog sounds great. I will look into it.

Can you please recommend a subject that you believe that I am good at?

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Dear Abby was an advice columnist. I don’t know what she was paid, or if newspapers have advice columns anymore.

That’s all I have.

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Dear Abby, Dear Abby
Well I never thought
That me and my girlfriend would ever get caught
We were sitting in the back seat just shooting the breeze
With her hair up in curlers and her pants to her knees
Signed, ‘Just Married ’

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“How do I go get paid…for cash?”

It is simple – do something that people will pay you for. That requires work, not daydreaming while you watch YouTube.

People can’t tell you what you are good at, you need to find that within yourself. And then you need to work.

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Jeopardy, but you have to be really quick and really good.

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i can usually do pretty good playing along at home, but I tried out for Jeopardy! once and holy hell….

The try-outs, even just the written questionnaire you do as a preliminary, are brutal.

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All aspects of the video games that you play.

Things that you have tried, that have worked best for you, as a disabled person, and what has not worked. You might be able to help other people who are in similar circumstances.

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A lot of people were being paid to teach others how to play video games like Fortnite. Maybe with the PS5 coming out you can get in on the new games and teach online classes?

Also, I think you’re a good listener. Maybe a business where you share your positivity and listening skills, as often that’s all people really want, to be heard and feel understood. I think you’d be good at that, but giving advice often comes with liability, so I’d steer clear of that.
With people shut in and climbing suicide rates, you could even offer a free month to market yourself as ‘the Listener’, and have suicide help lines and other information available just in case.

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Out of curiosity, would online counseling require being qualified. I mean are there no places where people can get some encouragement or find a shoulder to cry on without the counselor having to be highly qualified?

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@ZEPHYRA There are places where one needs little or no training for counseling, especially peer counseling.

Yet the reason that most therapists spend many years working toward a license is because .an untrained counselor can cause lasting harm.

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“The $10,000 Pyramid”

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@Zephyr I’m not sure about his Canadian laws. I was thinking more emotional support than anything. Plus he’s got some psych training.

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My son-in-laws niece has been making about $10,000 a month from making stupid videos on YouTube. They think it will continue forever, but of course it can’t.

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Hey, C., sorry I didn’t see your question until today.

You can get paid for asking questions at the Quora website; not for answering, but for asking. I don’t know how much compensation’s offered, but it’s something. Some of the website’s members participate.

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