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Are there any lessons to be drawn from this pandemic regarding capitalism and the public health?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21843points) 2 days ago from iPhone

Or does it matter?

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Of course. Our economic system has an effect on everything, including public health. And there are inherent tensions between a functioning economy and public health.

“Opening the economy” right now is critical for peoples’ ability to keep a roof over their head, have healthcare, and feed their family. And “opening the economy” means allowing the virus to spread and kill people.

But there are also plenty of inherent tensions between capitalism and a livable planet, democracy, human rights, etc.

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That under-regulated economies and governments with insufficient social support structures and mechanisms leave countries extremely vulnerable and unprepared against crises?

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There is a lot to be aware of regarding “American capitalism” coming out of this:

1. The economic system is broken
2. The health care system is even more broken

Many of the problems with the health care system are related to how broken the economic system is.

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That a novel virus for which there is no curative treatment or vaccine is a problem

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