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If Betsy DeVos qualifies as Secretary of Education, why isn’t Howard Stern the nation’s poet laureate?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21843points) 1 day ago from iPhone

Or Laura Ingraham heading up the Civil Rights Commission?

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But how would the teachers have managed to do all their wonderful work on remote learning without her excellent guidance? ~~

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Or Rush Limbaugh secretary of Native affairs ?

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If Betsy DeVos qualifies as Secretary of Education, then I guess Donald Trump is fit to be president.

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@Jeruba That’s stretching it.

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We already have a head of t he EDA; the Environment Destruction Agency. Let’s face it, they are doing the opposite of what they should be doing.

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Because the national poet laureate is appointed by the Library of Congress, and Trump is illiterate and no one has thought of a way to make more billions of dollars for the ultra-rich by appointing a corporate saboteur as poet laureate, yet. Howard Stern also has no background in mega-corporate cronyism.

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If Betsy DeVos qualifies as Secretary of Education, Howard Stern also qualifies as Secretary of Education. With less taxpayers’ money to spend on his security maybe. DeVos security budget

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Then neurosurgeon and general historian and advocate for racial justice Ben Carson would be well qualified to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development ~

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