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Would it be fun if employment centers had quests instead of just jobs?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19435points) July 1st, 2020

Like A list of tenders. Like A list of problems to be solved? Like
Can we watch the local/international news looking for problems, and fix them and get paid?

Humor welcome.

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Yeah. Your quest is to find a job.

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Quests? And no health insurance??

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@kritiper quests like in video games. One typically goes to the local watering hole and talks to the quest giver. Find a problem and solve it.

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Sorry to be a wet blanket, but people who are looking for jobs don’t need more stress in their lives.

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It would also be fun if you killed a dog and some cash dropped from the corpse.
But then you would end up with billions of dead dogs and hyper-inflation.

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People at employment centers want to work, not sit around fantasizing about some quest.

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@RedDeerGuy1 There would be too many questers running around for it to be profitable.

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A quest is the journey taken to a set goal.

Pertaining to employment it is only one part of the quest as the “meaningful” job is the real quest , not “just” any job.

It starts with defining what type of job/career would be meaningful to me?

That is the epitome of fulfillment of securing a position that will fulfill ones dreams that can be someones life work etc

Example: I worked in a variety of Municipal. Provincial and Federal jobs which paid well but I was not fulfilled.

I took Retail,clerical jobs, worked in a Hospital and yet not fulfilled.

It was only when I realized that no one in our family had known about our origins since both parents never discussed there pasts and had moved away from their families that I started to question and then research .

Hence I am enjoying my years of researching our family tree and found this immensely rewarding in doing so.

I added Photography as well in this research and restoration of old vintage images to the mix.

In short the “creative field” plus the” research fields” were what I should had realized much sooner in my life.
Also Writing about my discoveries,publishing etc

At just age 14 years old I was asking these questions and go NO definable responses at that time and after realizing it now that I had been “questing” or in other words “questioning” all these years.

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