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Are red-winged blackbirds known to be aggressive?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34286points) 4 weeks ago

They’ve nested for years down by the water and I’ve never seen them act aggressively towards people until this past year.
I have seen three different people get dive bombed by them this week.
One was my husband and the entertainment factor was off the charts. :)
Have you ever seen this territorial/guarding behavior with these birds towards people?

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I have seen it happened with blackbirds and other small birds when they had nestlings.

A street near where I lived had trees planted along the sidewalk that were no more than 8 to ten feet tall. Birds nested about that high off the ground, and would attack anyone walking by.

Your birds should stop this behavior once their babies are all launched.

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@zenvelo That’s what I was hoping.
The doves on my porch have fledged but they will be back as they have multiple broods per season.
I am not sure how many broods the blackbirds have.

My husband said they never make contact but come close.I admire their tenacity. :)

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I have no clue!
However, a pair of seagulls have been screaming & circling me & Oscar while out on walkies.

We pass them on one particular route every morning & they only this week began acting like gnarly divas.
My word they don’t half yell lol

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@ucme – it’s why I won’t dress as a hotdog anymore on trips to the beach.

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@ucme Are you writing a novel?

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@lucillelucillelucille My wife phoned me from work & now I forgot what I was going to say…I hate when that happens!

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@ucme -Take your time! I’ll sing the Jeopardy theme.

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m no longer in the mood & am sulking a little!

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@ucme Just don’t be like Sulk Hogan.—Biggest crybaby.

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