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Now that she's arrested, will Jeffrey Epstein's former associate / girlfriend /pimp / procurer go to jail?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28285points) 1 month ago

news report

Between her daddy’s money and Epstein’s, will she have funds to defend herself?

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I imagine she’ll have the funds but I am not hoping for her victory.
That whole mess is beyond revolting to me.,

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She’ll commit suicide like we knew Epstein would.

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Seeing as how we are all innocent until proven guilty, no, she will not.

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She will get suicided by drumpf, just like Jeff.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s taken out (they’ll say it’s a suicide). She has the goods on some pretty powerful/important people.

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I suspect she will be overcome with an irresistible urge to kill herself so she will just wait until the suicide watch guards fall asleep and the video cameras in her end of the jail fail and then she will do it.

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Somewhere in England, a prince discovers his sweat glands.

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She’s going to be murdered if she gives any hint she’ll spill the beans. This scandal was so far reaching that the notion most of us likely had that many people in positions of great power were sociopaths is coming to an unfortunate light.

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I suspect if it goes to trial, she will get a light sentence because it’s likely her first offense and she will have a good defense attorney, or a team of attorneys.

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I bet they did their best to shelter the 1 percent from the fallout.

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I too agree that she cannot be allowed to tell the truth regarding Epstein, and measures will be arrived at circumventing any such eventuality.

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She is the reason Wm. Barr removed Berman as US Attorney for the SDNY.

From Twitter:

oh my god… I cant believe that Ghislaine Maxwell killed herself next week

Keep Ghislaine Maxwell away from ropes, windows, and Barrs.

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Well it was just a matter of time till she would be caught, but sadly, all the time in the World would never give back what her and Jeffery took from those women. Though Jeffrey died he still got away with everything that he’s ever done that cause women pain and suffering, and there’s a special place in prison just for her, from here on she will be reminded of all her wrong doings..

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Of course she will…She’ll never see a full day in jail!!!
@PaisleyFaye She won’t be reminded because she doesn’t care.

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You’re right. She’s evil.

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@LadyMarissa your absolutely right about that, but one things for sure, it may be tomorrow, in the next couple of Months, or sometime next Year, Karma will come back to her worse than she could ever comprehend…

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I also believe in Karma & it may well bite her on the ass, but she will NEVER relate it to all the horrible things she caused to occur!!!

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Eric Trump tweets a pic of her at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding with a caption “birds of a feather”.
Apparently, he didn’t realize how many pics his father is in with her.

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^ Bill Clinton, Trump, Bill Gates, Steven Pinker, Harvey Weinstein, Elon Musk, Bloomberg, Prince Andrew. It’s a glimpse into the world of power, money, and perversion that usually only gets hinted at. Of course Epstein had to go. Despite the fact everyone was saying that they’re going to suicide Epstein, they did it anyway because they know they can get away with it. Maxwell will never testify if she is allowed to live.

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