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What work of art or artist inspires the most questions for you?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34289points) 1 month ago

Good or bad and why?

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Andy Warhol.
He inspires questions like:
“What kind of drugs was he on?”
“What kind of drugs are the people on that like the shit he made?”
“Are the Illuminati responsible for brainwashing the world into exalting that hack?”

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Mark Rothko and some other abstract painters.

What is he trying to convey?
How should I react?

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What do you call a painter with brown fingers?
yeah, him

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@janbb -I’ve wondered that about some of them too.

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@ucme -Hey! I just don’t call him!

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Okay, so Venus de milo…is that her name? :D
Did her arms just fall right off from posing so long?

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@ucme -Venus is her name.Don’t make me sing it.

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Michael Angelo I think is the greatest artist of all time. His masterpiece “David” is unbelievable. How could human hands make such magnificent perfection?

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My sister’s work. It’s so morbid.

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