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Food fight: What fits best up an average sized adult nostril, a party sausage or an cube of cheese?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 1 month ago

There is a lot riding on this!

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Fits best – as in: blocks the passage of a sneeze? Or fits best, as in “fashionable”?

Cube of cheese would block effectively. Party sausage would be acceptable to wear to a party.

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They are both pliable, and will adapt to their available space.
Neither would be beneficial to your breath.

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Why not both? One for each nostril.

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I think there is a scientific answer to this question. We need only consult the writings of the great French astrologer, physician, and future-teller – the great Nostril-damus. In his writings you can learn all that he nose.

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With enough force, they all fit equally well.
I am assuming the “party sausage” is a phallic innuendo.

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The sausage makes the most sense as cheese can’t be trusted.

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The party sausage was not an innuendo of any kind just a party sausage!
I shall try both “tricks” out & report back the carnage!

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@ucme Use cottage cheese, maybe even brie.Limburger if you’ve got guts!

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Use a Harzer Roller or a Casu Marzu.

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I may go full “Rambo” & arm myself with that disgusting squirty tube cheese…that plunged up a nostril will likely drown the wife victim!

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@ucme -How about some grated Parmesan?

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