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If Iran decided to subject Trump to an "extrajudicial killing", do you think that Interpol would reject an arrest warrent?

Asked by ragingloli (46750points) 1 month ago

Moreover, would Interpol be condemned for the rejection?

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Interpol has nothing to do with politics.

Why are you insistent that they be involved with politics ? ?

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Interpol won’t touch President Trump like the same reason that S.H.E.I.L.D. wont go after Dr. Doom.

It would start a war and be difficult to coordinate.

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You’re assuming, @ragingloli that Iran would even want to do so.

Even the mullah’s in Iran know that the international reaction to that would be the end of their regime. The rest of the world definitely doesn’t like Trump, but they wouldn’t countenance Iran (or any other country) offing him. Because they know that their regime – Germany, France, Greece, whatever…- could be next.

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Yes & yes…INTERPOL won’t touch it!!!

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You start with the assumption that Iran has never done an extrajudicial killing. I suspect I could come up with quite a few they have done and/or backed.

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