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Washington will review their "Redskins" identity...what are your thoughts?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 1 month ago


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It’s about time.

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This has been up for discussion for years. Surely the team/owners have received enough feedback from the Native American community by now to know whether to change the name and/or logo or not is offensive. It would also be interesting to know what type of feedback those affiliated with the team have received. For the rest, does their opinion really matter? Sports teams change their names, and the community adapts.

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Seems like a win for the owners. Think of all the new shirts/jerseys/hammer-pants/flags they will sell.

It is like when Apple switched from the 30-pin connectors to Lightning on iPhones. Sold a fuckload of new cables. It is exactly like that.

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To be fair, they were much better cables though.

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Oh, ffs, Dartmouth came to its senses on this in the mid-70s and made a good decision. This is loooong overdue, and was being discussed at the same time.

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They’ve been considering this most of my adult life. Bet they stay true to form and ride it out until people go off on another tangent where they drop it until the next uproar where they think about it once again

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This has been discussed many times. I always have felt that if the majority of Native Americans are offended than it should be changed, but if they don’t then leave it alone. The Washington fans love their Redskins and they wear it being proud to be associated with the name Redskins and the mascot.

Florida State University has a Native American mascot also, they are the Seminoles (as in Seminole Indians). The university has the approval from the Seminole tribe. There is some controversy over that too, but my point is the tribe leaders were ok with it.

Edit: I googled out of curiosity and found this

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It’s long overdue.

I’ll be interested in hearing what new name they select that isn’t racist or sexist.
My bet is on something like the Zombies or the Werewolves.

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I vote for the Washington Wallflowers

Cheers patrons!

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The Whiteskins!

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How about the Washington Lawn Chairs?

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They could rename themselves to “Grand Wizards”. That should placate the right wingers.

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They could rename the team the Washington Generics, and the “National Generic Defense Fund” would sue for no good reason.

Any replacement name is going to be controversial. No matter how bland and inoffensive it is.

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Long overdue. Native American groups have been asking this for years while the ownership have continually dug in their heels and said “nope”. Only took every major sponsor the team has threatening to pull their money to get the ownership to reconsider.

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@JLeslie “Florida State University has a Native American mascot also, they are the Seminoles (as in Seminole Indians). The university has the approval from the Seminole tribe. There is some controversy over that too, but my point is the tribe leaders were ok with it.”

And the difference there is that “Seminole” is a proper tribal name, whereas “redskin” is a racial slur.

“Edit: I googled out of curiosity and found this”

Out of more that 5,200,000 bona-fide Native Americans in this country do you really think that 500 people who “Identify as Native American” (every WASP in this country claims to be part Cherokee) is really representative of the whole?

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Money talks, bullshit walks. The only reason they are doing this is because FedEx complained.

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Washington’s baseball team were named the Senators for a good number of years & then they changed to the Nationals. IF memory serves me, they moved to Minnesota to become the Twins. Maybe the football team could steal one of those names or become the Representatives.

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Well the Nationals name is in use again. In 2005 the Montreal Expos relocated to D.C. and where renamed the Nationals.

Of course, St. Louis once had a baseball and a football team both using the Cardinals name.

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How about “Washington Werewolves?”

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Scoundrels sounds appropriate. Or maybe the Washington Shills. How about the Corporate whores?

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They announced today that they will definitely be changing their name, but didn’t announce what the new name will be.They indicated that it would incorporate the military as well as the native Americans. They’ve gone further than I ever thought they would, but I have this gut feeling that there is going to be an uproar when announced!!!

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