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What words do people consistently mispronounce, either intentionally or unintentionally, that really annoy you?

Asked by jca2 (15000points) July 4th, 2020

I’m in a food group on FB where people were saying they find it very annoying when others will jokingly say, “sammich” or “sammie” for “sandwich.” Rachel Ray does that.

For me, it’s “asterisk” which people seem to think is “aster-ik.” That’s just one of many.

How about you?

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Siren. “Si-reen.”

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Regardless. Regardless of what you may have heard “irregardless is not a word”

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Mischievous. Pronounced as “mischievious”

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Intentional mispronunciations, even if they’re a bit silly and “cutesy”, don’t seem to bother me much. It’s the unintentional ones that grind my gears. A few I hate:

“elts” for “else”. I hear this one all the time.
“acrossed” for “across”
“excetera” for “et cetera”
“heighth” for “height”

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Axe for ask
Pine not for Pinot
and one that isn’t really a mispronunciation, and not really improper, but is more archaic: Irregardless.

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I’m in the land of “hickspeak”
allupinthar = all up in there = a large amount of something in a particular area
yuns = y’all = hey, all of you
torup = tore up = really drunk
torupabaddit = tore up about it = angry about something
foiredup= fired up= excited or angry
yuanna= you want to = would you like to?
gitonnit = get on it = do that task you are supposed to be doing
Bedder git = better get or go away

Example: Yuns bedder git foiredup and gitonnit allupinthar “points to general area of work to be done””
Translation: You all better get motivated and get to work over here.

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It doesn’t matter what word but that indie voice in pop songs drives me nuts.

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Something that fascinates me is how unrelated, random people come up with the exact same mispronunciation of a word.
For example, Cub Cadet is a lawn mower brand. About 5 of our customers called it “Club Cadet.”
It just makes me wonder….?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me: Sometimes I hear people say (or see them write) “over top of” instead of “on top of.” For example, “Put the cheese over top of the sauce” instead of “on top of the sauce.”

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I can’t think of any that annoy me. With that said, “Can I axe a question?” makes me smile.

Ask about typos/grammatical misuse, and there will be a different answer.

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Should of course be pronounced the same way as me dressing up as a munchkin mother…


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Libary instead of library.

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Used to be Duck Tape for Duct Tape. I think Duck Tape is a real product now.

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Not annoying to me, but I used to say pumpkin and napkin incorrectly. Punkin and nakin. I always knew better, but didn’t correct myself inside of my house. Now, I pretty much always say napkin correctly, pumpkin is hit or miss, but I am fully aware.

I say scissor instead of scissors.

I know a lot of people who say ask incorrectly. They say axk. It’s more of a black dialect thing. That annoys me a little.

I have a friend who can’t say ethnicity correctly. I’m pretty sure she thinks she is saying it right. It comes out something like ethnacicity. She also says irregardless, but that is for another Q. It makes me shake my head and giggle a little, because she is supposedly carrying on some sort of intelligent conversation in her mind. It’s only mildly annoying to me. I have corrected her a couple of times in the 25 years I have known her, and she seemed to completely ignore the correction, like I’m wrong. I’m not going to correct her over and over obviously; it isn’t that big of a deal. It was more to help her, I guess she does not want the help.

A lot of people I used to work with started saying process like the Canadians (I worked for a Canadian company in America) and for some reason it bugged me. I don’t mind if a Canadian says it. I actually think it might be regional in Canada too. They said Pro-cess instead of the typical American pronunciation Prah-cess.

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Washington, Warshington. People in some parts of Washington state actually say it wrong.

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Idea as idear. Or axe instead of ask. Drives me nuts.

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Attribute: because many don’t know that the verb and noun forms have different pronunciations, and use one for both.

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@kritiper From Montana here where it was referred to as Warshinton. My husband sold warshers and dryers. You first warsh and then wrench clothes.ROFL Yep, depends on where you live.

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Sundee, mundee,

Per instead of pro; pervider, perfession, perceed

Not pronouncing a “t” sounding instead like a clipped “h”; secreh, tournameh, kismeh.

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Some text speak is more annoying than cute in actual conversation.
I tend to find local dialect charming and interesting, like many of the examples above.

@Are_You I use some of those intentionally. In ‘here, out ‘ere, etc.. I amuse myself.

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@Patty_Melt: Sometimes the “t” is done in the middle of word, by some people. For example, “meh-ul” instead of “metal.” It sounds weird.

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My last name…

I have two z’s, in my last name. I understand that it’s difficult to pronounce, but people habitually, butcher it. The most common mistake, is people translating it, into a “t” sound.

Apparently, someone was born, in the early 1900’s, and the birth certificate, was misspelled. So. It was just easier to leave the last name, wrong, than officially change it.
It isn’t even the right name, anyway. My grandfather, was an orphan. When he was adopted, he took that name. My understanding is that the last name, used to be Groves. However, records, weren’t kept well. So. I have no idea what the actual name was…

When I Google my name, I am the only person, with my name.

The only one, in the world…

What are the chances?

The only benefit, is when someone can’t pronounce my name. Then, I know, I can’t trust them…

People from Northern Europe, call me a Viking. But. They say it, with a “w” pronunciation. “Wiking.”
I have no idea what I even am…

Fuck it…

I’m just a human being.

I hate, all three, of my names…

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@MrGrimm888: My last name is constantly mispronounced too. It’s a Hispanic name (my father is Hispanic) and it’s not very common, like Lopez or Sanchez. It’s got some vowels in it, all together, so many people in the US have trouble with it. Another thing they do, is there’s a more common version of my name that has an “L” in the middle, so they will pronounce it as if it’s got the “L” in it, which it doesn’t. I’m just used to it by now, after many decades of hearing it butchered.

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I don’t have a problem with saying your last name @jca2….at least, I don’t think I do.

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People mispronounce both of my last names. Both have two consonants in the middle that basically are never together in any English words. It’s kind of like if you see the word Czar you don’t know what to do with it unless you know what to do with it. My maiden name one of the consonants I am referring to is silent. My other name people try to put a vowel in it, but more than one famous person has my married name, so some people are very familiar with it and get it right on.

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Wait. I double checked my self. I have no CLUE how to pronounce your last name @jca2!

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@jca_2, you are right. I thought of that after I posted. It is a nuisance no matter what part of the word it is.

I was glad to see somebody realized what I was trying to say. It is tricky to describe without imitating aloud.

It is a big irritant for me, and it gets more common every day.

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Well. At least, I am not the only one….

I have problems with gender identity…

I’m from the south, so, I say yes ma’am, or yes sir, etc…

I was appointed as HOS, at a “gay” club, after the Orlando shooting…

I was completely out of my wheelhouse. I just wanted, to be respectful, to the people who came in…

Well. I fucked that up…

I didn’t know, for example, how to refer, to a man, dressed as a woman…
So. I just screwed up, by the numbers…

I’m sure, that I offended, many people…Luckily, they were all nice people, who didn’t complain about me…

It was actually, one of the best venues, I ever bounced at…

However. I assume that I, unentitionally, hurt some people’s feelings…

I guess lots of things, are rhetorically, offensive…

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I was just reminded of a major one for me. The spelling and pronunciation of “walla” for “voila.” WTF is “walla?” It’s voila!

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^Well. Most western languages, are derived from latin…

When I went through anatomy, and physiology, I had to essentially, learn about Latin.

That helps. But. It isn’t a 100%, additive, of pronunciations…

It actually is a hindrance, in some cases…

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@jca2 An instance of people writing what they hear and not understanding what the word actually is. The same thing happens when people write “I could of done that”. could’ve sounds like could of. They’re not thinking about the difference between have and of.

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Something I wonder about is those folks who consistently use the wrong form of “your.” It’s astonishing that they never seem to accidentally use the right one.

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@Demosthenes or another one, “all intensive purposes,” instead of “intents and purposes.”

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Watching “Judge Alex.” Plaintiff is suing over a statue she thinks the defendant stole from her yard…only she keeps calling it a “statute.”

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I worked with a guy that would say something was “flustrating”. He would say this in meetings and no one would ever call him on it.

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Sometimes at work (local government), people will talk about “legislatures” instead of “legislators.”

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Spelling “Among Us” as “Amogus”

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