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July 4, United States: Are people in your area having big parties today?

Asked by jca2 (8933points) 1 month ago

Where I live, the neighbor does a huge fireworks display and the whole neighborhood seems to be having a big party.

Where you live, are there huge parties going on?

I understand things are loosened up a bit, but it seems nobody’s concerned about the Covid, the way things look.

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Thankfully no. My two immediate neighbors who usually have large parties have both gone elsewhere today.

My other neighbors are elderly or very low key and quiet anyway.

If not for COVID-19, we likely would have had a big barbecue — but alas, it’s just us and the doggies, painting my daughter’s room.

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We’re getting ready to head to my son’s house for a barbque.

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The 2 neighbors who usually go all out for the 4th of July aren’t around today. The couple across the street’s mother died & left them a home on the lake. They moved to the lake before any family could screw it up for them. My guess is that they’re throwing a bash on the lake, but I wouldn’t go even IF invited. The couple next door have been out of town all week & it’s getting late enough that getting everything together for tonight isn’t feasible so I don’t think that they’ll be doing anything even IF they return tonight. The city usually throws a huge fireworks display but I’ve not heard anything on what their plans are this year. I’m assuming that they’ve called it off. I’ve never gone to one of their displays because I can sit in my back yard & see it better than being onsite. It’s so hot & humid here today that I don’t think I’m willing to sit in my back yard even IF they still do it. We’ve been seeing a spike in covid & I’m assuming that they won’t be doing it this year. I have a few other neighbors who do enjoy their fireworks, but they don’t throw parties…just enjoy their fw display. Heard several of them going off last night so not sure IF they’ll do it again tonight. All in all I’m expecting a nice, quiet evening just the way I like it… all alone!!!

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Pretty quiet around here. I saw some folks headed to something a few blocks away. I was invited to a barbeque but wouldn’t go. I am having one couple over for take out on the deck.

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I don’t know. But I do predict no traffic jams or assembled crowds around here for the fireworks. I also expect the picnic grounds to be sparsely populated.

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One neighbor had something last night, someone else set off, for about three minutes off and on of fireworks last night. No extra cars on the street.

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Where I live, most of the counties / cities have a fireworks show downtown or at a mall or park. All of those public gatherings have been cancelled this year – I don’t know of any nearby county that is doing one.

Looking down the street, one neighbor has 3–4 cars parked in front, so he’s doing something. (I wasn’t invited.)

My daughter and her family are going to a cookout with friends of theirs.

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Staying inside, but I would bet a lot of money there are parties going on or planned in and around my community. We just had a long thunderstorm, tons of rain, and the lightening and thunder was some of the worst in a long time. It’s 7:00pm now and the weather is clearing.

I think all the cities near me have cancelled any city planned fireworks. Generally, people don’t set off fireworks inside of my community (it’s said we don’t do it because of our high density of veterans) but I am guessing there will be a little of it going on. My guess is neighboring cities will have lots of individuals setting them off and having parties. Lots of people in the neighboring cities don’t wear masks at all, and don’t take covid seriously at all. I am very thankful it just poured down rain, makes me feel safer.

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We just went on our evening walk. I would about one family per block (12 block walk) was having a gathering.

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Turns out my sleepy little town did set off the fireworks; but according to the news, they didn’t have the usual 4th party. It’s way too hot to be sitting outside tonight so I sat just inside my back door in front of the a/c vent &watched the fw display in relative comfort. None of my immediate neighbors threw any parties, but I’m hearing a lot of fireworks being set off now & it’s 12:30am. A couple of neighbors began setting theirs off around 5:00pm

My Dad’s brother set himself on fire as a kid playing with sparklers & my grandmother died from falling off the porch trying to get to him to put him out. So, fireworks were never much fun at my house. I do enjoy watching the pretty colors from those shot off by professionals…otherwise, I really don’t care for the noisy ones.

I hope everyone had an uneventful 4th with tons of fun!!!

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I learned last night the city next to me had fireworks on July 3rd. I might have tried to go if I had known.

Last night, the 4th, I watched CNN and it was great. DC and NYC both looked amazing. The weather was gorgeous. Some boats on the water and there were people out to watch the display. I’m not sure how the crowds were kept so small? Did the cities control it, or did people just not go out as much as a typical year?

I actually teared up at one point watching CNN. Listening to the traditional American songs, seeing the cities I grew up around (I grew up in the suburbs of NYC and DC) and the fireworks.

Where I live I could hear fireworks going off in the near distance. It was fairly constant. If I had known where they were I would have driven over to see them. I could have tried to find them aimlessly, but didn’t.

I woke up today thinking if I had a birthday wish I would wish for my country to be ok. To get back on the right path.

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Not many. Most did SAH with immediate family, myself included. Bbq, fireworks and lots of drunk disturbances on scanner.

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@JLeslie: In NYC, they had fireworks in all the boroughs over the past week, just in undisclosed locations so crowds couldn’t gather. My relative lives in Murray Hill and has a great view of the Empire State Building from her balcony. She had photos of fireworks going off at the top of the Empire State Building – beautiful. As for the main event on the river, they probably didn’t set up parking so people couldn’t go there.

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We were invited to my son and his wife’s house for the 4th. She never allows me to pitch by bringing food (which makes me feel worthless.)
We had a blast. They went out of their way to decorate. The plastic table cloth looked similar to the flag.
When 6 year old Zoey sat down she said, “I pledge allegiance to the table cloth of the United States of America….” We rolled!

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@jca2 That’s interesting that they didn’t say the locations. That sounds nice. I saw the fireworks going off of the empire state building as it happened on CNN. I immediately texted my sister! Amazing. The DC fireworks there were fireworks at a distance behind the main ones, might have been actually outside of the city, but you could see them going off all across the backdrop at certain angles. It reminded me of when I lived in South Beach and from the top of the building we could see fireworks going up all the way up the beach in each city.

I was thinking maybe DC was closed off to people from outside of the city limits? I wonder.

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There were fireworks everywhere. I’m not kidding. There was not one single block of residential areas with no fireworks. The weather cams showed AMAZING footage of nonstop colorful sparkles. Simply awesome, and nonstop for at least three hours.

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It was one of the noisiest 4ths that I can remember. The cannonade continued apace through 2AM when I drifted off.

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