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Do you feel trapped in your home waiting for a parcel?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) July 4th, 2020

Also you can’t bathe or do laundry while waiting for the parcel? Amazon says different sipping times then the courier.

I keep looking out the window for my parcel?

I call it “pizza delivery anxiety.”

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Waiting for my Amazon parcel. Is a good pair of size 13 mens walking shoes. To distract me I am cooking a chicken quarter in my electric frying pan.

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I can’t say that I do. But I don’t live in an apartment ether, so I don’t have much concern that someone’s going to jack my shit.

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Deary me, yes. Without a vehicle, most of the purchases are made online. The projected delivery date/time covers quite a range, and that is still up for grabs. This, an alarming amount of time is spent in the house waiting for the phone or doorbell to ring.

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Parcel arrived. Size 13 New Balance walking shoe. Fits perfect. My feet don’t hurt going up and down the steep stairs.

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I live in a house with 2 large dogs, so the drivers won’t deliver to my porch anyway. So, many years back, I purchased a large parcel box. 99.9% of what I buy will fit in the box. When the lid is closed, it’s also protected from the weather. Amazon considers it a “safe location”. I don’t care what time I decide to go pick up my lunch, the delivery will happen in the time I’m away. My packages are also out of sight to the general public so less likely to be pilfered. This system has worked well for around 20 years!!!

Even when I’m at home, I don’t watch for them. I watch my email for the “your package has been delivered” that comes within 5 min of the delivery before going out to retrieve my packages. I’m also lucky that my town has a Prime delivery office in this area. Once their vehicle is within 10 stops from my house, I receive a notification with an interactive map to where I can watch where the vehicle is located. IF it’s an important package, I sometimes go sit in my front yard & watch them pull up to my driveway so they can hand it off directly to me. Most days they leave it in the box though.

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