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What can I do with an old desktop PC tower?

Asked by Gavel (173points) August 2nd, 2007

I have a redundant computer. It is loaded with Windows 2000 Professional and has CD rewriter, Iomega zip and floppy drives. Not sure about RAM or hard drive size, but for its day - about three years ago - it was pretty good.
I'd love to make use of it somehow. I run a one-man business from home on a shoestring ...
All ideas/suggestions welcomed.

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You can use it for a server, if you need one. Especially Windows 2000 is good for that. Or, what I do if I was in this situation, use it as a backup computer, you let two computers synchronize. That's actually all I can think of, because you can do so much with it, but you just need the right idea.
I hope I helped a little bit.

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Server/backup computer is probably the best play. The only other thing I can think of is a kid's computer. That's what I did with my old box when I got my MacBook.I

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server/back up is probably the best generic answer. More specifically, I would have a go at setting up a dedicated media server box. I've done it with mini but would be happy to assist with ideas if you forward system specs.

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Install Linux on it and learn something new.

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I would donate it. There are plenty of poor families that are so incredibly handicapped by the fact that they don't have a computer.

Especially the children in the family in relation to school needs.

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Yer gve it, if ir no more use for u. U can check in add in the buy&sell journal add, and then u be certain 2 gave 2 somebody in need it and want it. that whil be nice i thing.

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Install Linux and (with a few more steps) turn it into a DVR.

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