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What is a good LED light colour when you're having a crush session?

Asked by BrentM (68points) 1 month ago

Ok so this question is like weirdly specific but oh well. I have LED lights in my room and I was just wondering what’s the best colour for when you’re having a crushing session. Oh my god that sounds like I’m doing drugs. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s just I have a crush on someone and I regard a crush session when I’m just lying there thinking of him. I highly doubt this matters but I’m a dude too (bi pride!!) I think there’s gonna be some replies along the lines of “Whatever you feel fits most” and I understand that that’s a factor. I just want to know what other people find best, to see if it works for me too.

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^Yes. Red.
I worked, as a technician, in an emergency veterinary hospital, for 9 years.
For the first 4 years, we had a normal x-ray. So. We had to develop the rads, in a dark room, with just a red light.
Then, we got an advanced x-ray.
I was allowed to take the old, red light.
I installed it, in my bedroom.

It seemed to help, sexual encounters.

I have no scientific explanation.

But. It lead to, lots of good things.

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I would prefer violet. Actually the same as black light, but on my remote control, it looks violet.

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^Sorry. I have to disagree with you Patty. Black light, will show a LOT of stains…
That, can ruin the mood…
Or. Enhance the mood…
It depends on the type of girls, you bring home…

This is rookie stuff. Get with the program. Jeeze….

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