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What is your opinion about Kanye West running for president?

Asked by ragingloli (49124points) July 5th, 2020

Do you think he could do a better job than the Orangutan?
He already has the support of Elon Musk.

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Come on. Nobody other than Elon Musk, who is a horrible human with shit politics, supports this. It’s going nowhere.

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Right now, I’d rather be up on the international space station with Bob, Doug and others than to deal with this world.

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I think it’s kind of hilarious. Especially if it takes support from Trump.

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What a silly attention getting stunt. Kanye’s record sales must be getting smaller.

It won’t go anywhere. The guy is worth a billion dollars, is not representative of the black experience, and has been a Trump supporter all along.

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It would be worth it just to for the spectacle of the first lady. The current tasteless practical joke is unlikely to be surpassed, Kanye’s admirable attempt notwithstanding.

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@stanleybmanly I had forgotten who Kanye was married to. Having a Kardashian in the White House would be a hoot and a half. Even funnier than Ivanka and the Ken clone.

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It is a little confusing, since West is such a staunch Trump supporter.

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I love jokes, satire, and humor, but that is not how we fill the Oval Office.

I thought we had learned our lessons—both in California and in the U.S. at large—about voting for someone on a whim because it would be a hoot. Especially thinking it’s safe to throw away a vote to make a “statement” because the guy can’t possibly win.

Apparently not.

Given the present mindset, it’s all too possible. And it would not be worth it.

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^^ Of course I would not be voting for him. And I don’t think it’s going anywhere. But since he is a supporter of Trump, does it say something about the rats deserting?

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But as a practical matter, wouldn’t he be more capable than the current President? I doubt if he can be any more crooked, and he certainly must know more. Following Trump, Kanye’s Presidency would cement the truth of our American axiom that here “anyone can be President”.

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> “wouldn’t he be more capable…?
Yes. But there’s a pretty huge gap between capability and what we’re seeing now. Just about anyone could fit in it.

“I’d vote for a tuna fish sandwich before I’d vote for Donald Trump again,” said Jack Spielman, who voted for Trump in 2016 but now calls him “toxic.”—May 29th article

If we can’t take the November election seriously, I think we’re pretty much done for.

This country was founded on revolution, and many of the heroes we revere were mavericks. We perpetuate this self-congratulatory myth of rebellion with endless David-and-Goliath contests in movies and other popular media, always rooting for the guy who pulls off a prank behind the principal’s back. But you can’t sustain revolution as an ongoing state, not while hoping for anything like stability. Which I think a lot of us (regardless of hat color) crave.

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It’s funny, if a billionaire wanted to become a lawyer within a year, he/she would be absolutely laughed out of the room. But for some moronic reason, any billionaire can buy their way in to the most important job in the country.

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I’ve read that it’s possible he’s trying to take the black vote away from Biden in order to help Trump.

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It’s a publicity stunt to promote his new album.

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@Darth_Algar Yup, of course that’s what this is all about.

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@Jonsblond If that’s true, that is a scary thought but I hope it doesn’t go that far and that most people realize he’s shilling for Trump if it does.

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It would increase ratings. Kanye West would have to wait 4.5 years after Trump is finished with his term limit to run as a Republican. Earlier if Trump decides not to run again.

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The Presidency is not a ratings game, despite Trump’s moronic obsession with ratings.

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@Darth_Algar I don’t mean the
Raitings for the government, but more interest in politics from news channels and social websites.

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I heard he’s running in 2024, not now, so it wouldn’t have any affect on Biden or Trump. It’s the next election, not this one.

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@Jeruba Considering the current clown show, what justification remains for taking the Presidency seriously? It’s one thing to state that Bozo is no laughing matter, but there will never be ridicule enough to be deemed worthy of the performance.

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@JCA news outlets are reporting 2020.

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I nominate Sue the T. Rex for President of the United States.

Sue 2020: “Time to elect a real fossil!”

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It’s just a stunt. It’s too late to get on half the ballots and he hasn’t filed legal docs, so write-in’s wouldn’t count per se.

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Anyone remember when Pat Paulsen (of Smothers Brothers fame) youtube video several times between 1968 and 1996?

Same sort of idea.speech <—-this is hilarious

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@elbanditoroso , I remember Paulsen saying that his campaign slogan was, “We can’t stand pat”.

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I think Kim would make the best president out of Trump, Kanye and Kim Kardashian. At least she is obtaining legal training the equivalent of law school. Kanye is a joke and his mental illness is no asset in such a high-stress, high-stakes job.

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@Cupcake I think he’s talented and insightful in many ways, personally. Perhaps not as president but I think the world needs more Kanye.

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It’s like a cartoon before a movie.

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I think the world has enough narcissism already.

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I think its another crazy thing he’s talking about just to get media attention, in his mind I’m sure he may really want to be in that position, but he may change his mind in a heartbeat then decide to run for Mayor in some City… Who knows?...

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@KNOWITALL He is a musical genius. I don’t use that term lightly. He is years ahead of the curve and poorly understood.

Nonetheless, his qualities that make him groundbreaking in art and music are not fitting for leadership or politics. He has a history of sexually violent, aggressive, sexist lyrics and seems to have a poor grasp on reality. He refuses to treat his bipolar disorder. He is disparaging about black people and the legacy of slavery. He is in no way qualified nor of a demeanor to be successful in politics. In that way, he would be as big of a global embarrassment and disaster as our current president.

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^ You said it better than I could have.

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@Cupcake I agree, never said he’d be a good president. But I won’t tear him down either.

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He seems to be an attention whore. He was quoted as saying he would run on the “birthday party”.
I guess he would put the Kardashion sisters in places of power along with their baby daddy’s of the day.

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Kayne 2020: “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

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Remember that the first syllable in “Kanye” is “con” ....

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