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As American as apple pie: So, when was the last time you had some & who made the best you ever had?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 1 month ago

Bye bye Miss American…

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Last time was half apple pie from Super Store. Best was a jumbo apple pie from CostCo.

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A few years ago a friend came over to make pies for the holidays.
That is all I have to say.

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Last time I made them from scratch, used mixture of apples including Granny Smith (used Tapioca for a thickener).

Best was 40 years ago at a restaurant in Vermont. Thsa pie was 6 inches high.

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The last time was probably Thanksgiving. And my sister makes the best I have ever tasted.

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Last Wednesday we devoured the last of the pie baked by the wife. The half gallon tub of Haagen Dazs expired along with it. I am promised s peach pie for tomorrow. Life is literally sweet.

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I’m eating some right now. They all taste great to me.

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In my opinion, my mom’s and my grandmother’s were the best apple pies. They were not overly sweet and they were not made with corn starch or thickeners so they were not gloppy and syrupy like the ones that are store bought or in diners and restaurants. My mom used a combination of lard and butter for the crust, so it was both flavorful and flaky – perfect.

Once in a rare while, someone will make a homemade one that is a close second. There’s an orchard in my area that makes a decent one. It’s dense and not gloppy.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Those Costco pies are truly formidable. They’re the size of manhole covers. I’m afraid of them unless I’m feeding a crowd, in which case, they’re one of the best deals around. Our Costcos here also feature their own brand of premium ice cream only sold in twin packs of half a gallon each, and I bet there’s a pound of butter fat in each of them.

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To me, the Costco apple pie is not bad but it has a really strong cinnamon flavor. To me, it’s an overwhelming cinnamon taste.

If you want a really good pie from Costco, seasonal, the pumpkin pie is revered by just about everyone. It’s only 5.99, too, so it’s a great price and it’s huge.

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Last time was Thanksgiving. My mom made it (grandmother’s recipe—it’s the best apple pie I’ve had. Beats the store bought ones).

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To answer my own question as an Englishman…

I don’t really care for apple pie but I remember baking one at school in cookery class.
It was apple crumble & the best part was filling a clear bag with biscuits & bashing the crap out of it with a rolling pin!

That, I liked!

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@ucme -I can understand that XD

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@lucillelucillelucille It was so invigorating :D

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I don’t care, for Apple pie.

I actually just don’t like, sweet stuff.

But.. I LOVE Pecan Pie…

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Two years ago. My mom’s was excellent, mine is better. :)

@MrGrimm888 – the next time you make a pecan pie, substitute half of the corn syrup with molasses. It’s amazing!

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^That’s probably excellent advice. But. I don’t make pies.
I don’t really like sweet stuff.
However. I will run across Pecan Pie, in certain situations. Then. It’s on. Down here, in the South, you might get a scoop of vanilla ice cream, with the pie…

I’ll eat that, until I am sick….

Pecan Pie, is the Devil!

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