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What is the best advice that your hairdresser ever gave you?

Asked by Joyforjoy (100points) 1 month ago

My barber always leaves me unhappy.

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Not to shave my head

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“I think you’re a three.”

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I went to the same stylist from 1982 until she moved in 2003, She was a brand new stylist when I met her, and I became her longest continuous client. She did a great job on my hair, always looked good.

I asked her once if she thought she could do something different, mix it up a little. She looked all over and then said, “nah, you’re stuck with your hair like this, nothing else would look as good.”

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“Don’t wash your hair too often.”

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Why do you come here?
You have staff for that!

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Nothing wrong with bald.

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During this Pandemic she stated to use Root Touch up,

( the one with the comb attached takes ten minutes).

I still use it every eight weeks and cost me under $20 Canadian verses the usual $ 105 -

whopping price gouging $164 that she charged me last time!

I discovered that by using this touch up that it saves my hair from being over processed and damaged as a result, plus NOT losing my hair.

Dyeing the hair sooner than the recommended eight weeks causes chinning of the hair and

finally total loss altogether, as I witnessed from a much younger girl who repeatedly dyed her

hair every two weeks a different colors of the rainbow, until she lost ALL her hair from the

chemical burns.

It took this teenager from two to four years before her hair started grow back and in that she

was lucky to have it back.

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She recommended some stuff for wavy hair that beats it into submission.

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“chinning”.... typo..should be thinning.

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“Music is like hair, you can listen to it along as you like but know that one day you will have to take it down or change it to a new one” Don`t ask me what he meant cause I really have no idea.

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I assume that dyeing ones hair can change with the times.
Blond one summer, then too light brown with highlights, then back to original color medium brown.

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Yeah, I think you are right

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She told me to go to the doctor because my hair was falling out – turns out it was a thyroid disorder.

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