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Smile, a genuine, warm smile...there now, how good did that feel?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 1 month ago

Non smilers should wind their necks in & refrain from crafting a response.
You know…butt out!

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How genuine should it feel when produced on demand?

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As always, it has two feelings. The first is a minor release of stress which is always good. The second is a feeling of oddity…smiling a genuine, warm smile when I am alone. Kinda creepy almost!

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No one was forced to answer let alone smile…no demand.

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Artificial, even forced.

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I missed it. Do it again.

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Good as always! :)

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Feels happy. Smiling about Mahomes 10 year contract with our Chiefs! :D

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I’ll let you know when it happens genuinely. :)

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Interesting responses!
They made me smile, genuinely :-)
A couple were wry ones, but that’s only fair :D

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It worked for me. I imagined you smiling and couldn’t help myself.

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@KNOWITALL At $500m I reckon I’d be smiling too!
@LuckyGuy That’s the spirit bud!

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I wish I could genuinely smile, with teeth. Whenever I try to (like just now), I look like I’m having a stroke.

I can do the warm, beaming, closed mouth smile OR I can laugh at something funny.

Which would you prefer?

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The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.

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@cookieman Not about me, if you feel a smile coming on, let it happen. If not, don’t.
The stroke thing made me laugh though, just the mental image.

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Funny how something so simple can be so contagious at times. Smiling for me is a natural act, it makes me feel good, but its not an act for the faint of heart lol

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