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How long should a family of 5 quarantine together?

Asked by filmfann (47297points) 1 month ago

Let’s say one might have covid-19. If they wait 14 days, and one other family member gets it, but is asymptomatic, that person can still transmit it for 14 days.
Following the logic there, a family of 5 should be quarantined for 2½ months.
Do I have that right?

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Exactly. We really can’t control it. But we can midigate it. And that’s what we’re after.

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Until the fighting is done and the one left alive emerges.

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That would be a most conservative approach. Things that may shorten the time are COVID tests, antibody tests, and I would think that larger families living in small spaces where they frequently come into close contact would transmit sooner than those living in larger spaces. So families in small apartments or houses with shared bedrooms would likely share germs quicker.

I don’t believe there is any formal advice about the scenario you suggest. The formal advice is probably 2 weeks of not coming into contact with any outside people or potential infectious sources. So no grocery or other shopping, not coming in contact with people making deliveries, not answering the door, etc. Actual full quarantine vs. “safer at home” and social distancing.

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Until they each test negative.

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@YARNLADY I would not rely on negative tests due to false negatives, especially in people without symptoms. Plus, there has not been a recommended time (day 1? 14?) to take a test if you believe you have been exposed but have no symptoms.

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Testing negative doesn’t mean you won’t catch it in the future @YARNLADY.

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