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What are your thoughts on the use of HTML codes?

Asked by bethropolis (37points) July 7th, 2020

HTML codes are actually awesome to use when building a website, embedding posts, pictures, videos, and games onto sites you want them to appear.
you can get more info from
but I just want your opinion about them, are they flexible and easier to use? give your answer.

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HTML encoding – they’re tools, no more and no less. Like hammers and nails. You can build good things and you can build ugly things. The skill of the user is what is important. The HTML codes are simply tools in a toolbox.

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The syntax is clunky. It’s not code, it’s markup.

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Easier than what?

Personally, I prefer Wt, the C++ framework that lets you develop web sites in C++ as if they were a traditional computer program. Not because it’s simpler, but because it’s how I like to think about programs.

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