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On a "good" day, how would you rate your looks out of, let's say...10?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 1 month ago

A good day being you feel confident & sassy :D
Shallow this may be, but you only drown in the deep end!

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5. Looks aren’t all that important. For me average is good enough.

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Of course, beauty comes from within, but we all like to feel we aren’t walking around looking like a scarecrow that just got dragged through a hedge backwards…yes? XD

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I always get up and curl my hair and look presentable.

I guess I am average at about 5 because I need to lose weight to look and feel healthy.

Hopefully hiking will resume and all that excess weight will melt off as it always does when I

hike in Summer.

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As compared to myself? A 10 for sure!

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Given this opportunity, I would be silly to waste it. 10.

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7, maybe, on a good day. When I’m specifically dressing up for a party then could potentially venture into 8 territory, at which point I’m turning heads and making panties drop. :P

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I’ve always figured I was a 6. I’m told I am handsome, but I just don’t see it. I’m okay.

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