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Do you ever post a question, even though you know the answer to it?

Asked by sarapnsc (1439points) September 4th, 2008

when you know Fluther may need a pick me up, because there are few questions…or do you do it just to see if someone is right? Do you think you should post a question if you know the answer to it?

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Actually, no, I do not think one should post a question that one knows the answer to. I do sometimes post questions that I hope will spark interesting discussion regarding social issues or current events, but they are usually issues that I am thinking about and want the input of the collective on.

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What about those who post riddles or math problems, to which they already have/know the answer?

September 4, 2008, 11:04 AM EDT

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To a certain extent, yes, I do know an answer. But most of the time, I post questions for the discussion of the many answers. Unless we’re talking about math and whatnot, then I don’t think there is a single answer.

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Never, and I am not in favor of folks who answer their own questions, with few exceptions.

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No, and I notice that seems to be happening a lot lately. That, and posting questions just to create a forum for their own opinions.

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I might pose questions I have an opinion about, but no real answer. The ever present what’s the best/favorite/worst questions are a good example of this.

As far as the recent spate of here’s my opinion questions are concerned, I think they can be utilized to spark debate; though, I don’t necessarily agree with the tactic.

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A person can (and should be able to) post a question, then speculate on what s/he thinks the answer might be.

I have seen other (“veteran”) Flutherers do this, so it must be OK.

September 4, 2008, 3:21 PM EDT

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@sarapnsc No I haven’t, have you?

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@scamp, Yes, but I have never answered any of them.

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I have in the following sense:

“Are you going to try the New Google Browser? If you already have what do you think?”

I know I am going to try, but do not yet know what I think.

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@ Vincentt – Hee Great Minds think alike!

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I will ask questions that require an opinion, not necessarily an “answer” that is right or wrong. I will also ask questions that I know the answer to, just to see how people out there are thinking.

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My life is one big question…questioning the universe even when you think you have the answer is what the living is all about….its in the answer and when the answer brings you to another question all the better…

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No never why should i do it? and I dont think it so….


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sara: you just did!

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@gailcalled: What are the exceptions? (When is it ok to answer your own questions?)

What if you are asking a random opinion question and you want the opinion of the collective, and you offer yours first?

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My personal exception for responding to my own question is to keep the query and question text short and clear. I then include more detailed info in my answer.; and perhaps a link. I can’t find an example offhand (note to Andrew; work on search) but my miseries with Milo come to mind.

I save the narration for my “answer” box. Last night, for example, I heard a racket similar to an elephant walking thru a wall. It was Milo; he had gotten into a crawl space and brought down several pressed board panels and the metal frames that made up a false ceiling in laundry room. If I had asked about that, I would have saved that last sentence (and a few more fraught details for my answer – such as Milo’s vanishing act and the fact that laundry room ceiling is now on the floor.)

A random opinion question probably wouldn’t come from me. I am not sure what a r o q is, actually.

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A random opinion question would be something like, “How old do you think a person should be when X?” In such a situation, I would be inclined to post my answer to that in the details, but I am asking because I am interested in the collective’s opinion as well.

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Absolutely…. I’m far more interested in hearing what people’s opinions that pure fact.

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Yes and i do this for a reason. i ask questions in order to inform other people in a given situation. here is an example: four vehicles approach a 4-way stop sign intersection at the same time. two regular cars, a mail truck and an emegency vehicle. which of the four vehicles has the right of way? i know the answer to my question, but you would be surprised at the number of people that do not. everyones answers informs other people that may not know the answer. its kind of like using reverse psychology… reverse.

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I may have my version of the answer but the perspectives of others can offer alternative or more thought-provoking knowledge. Also, some Qestions I ask may inform others who may need informed answers to their own life.

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