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Is Kanye West the solution to our problem?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 8th, 2020

Approximately half the electorate thinks that Donald Trump is a moron. Maybe because he is.
The other half thinks Joe Biden is a moron. And he certainly is.
Nobody seems to think particularly highly of either one.

That makes for little chance for any sort of National reconciliation after the next election.

But wait!

Kanye West is hinting he may run.

Is this an “out” for everybody?

I’m thinking about this!

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Kanye West is not the solution to his own (ego) problem, much less ours.

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55% think Trump is a loser! Pew Research Center

35% think Biden is a loser.

Looks like Kanye West has got to get a Lot of VOTES. Most States have closed the names to be on the ballot. So he would need a lot of write in votes.

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This whole thing is a joke.

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Kanye is not remotely serious. He’s like the clown at the circus walking around between the main acts.

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I’m racking my brain to come up with any dilemma justifying Kanye West as the solution. After “how does Kim avoid spinsterhood?” what’s left?

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Joe Biden is not a moron.

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Kanye West is bipolar. I think he’s going through a “I’m invincible and can do anything” manic phase.

I actually feel kind of bad for him.

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Kanye’s narcissism makes Trum seem interested in others.

Biden is not a moron.

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Amazing how you say Trump might be a moron, while Biden is certainly a moron.
We know who’s team your on.

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Team Moron!

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If he is, then you’re more fucked than I thought.

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He has no chance of being elected but, to the extent that he siphons votes from Trump, he just might be the solution, or at least part of it.

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Kanye “I’m an idiot” West said slavery was a choice.
Biden is not a moron.

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I just can’t believe this is the best our country has to offer.
Can anyone convince Colin Powell to run – on any ticket.
Surely there are other great, intelligent, respectable leaders out there.

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Yes, but I’m kinda busy just now. ^

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He may counter-balance some of us Howie Hawkins voters. Hard to say because this whole thing is such a shit-show.

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Only if our problem is not enough crazy.

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Now, now…

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Short answer is no….
Like, Hell no…..

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