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Is there a standard way to come up with a reasonable price for used electronics?

Asked by paulc (2914points) September 4th, 2008

A guy I work with wants to buy my first generation DROBO (basically a RAID style hard drive enclosure). The problem is, I’m not sure what to offer it to him for. Up here, its selling new for $350. Is there some sort of equation for taking the current new value of an electronic device and coming up with a reasonable price for it after x months of use?

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Search the Web or retail stores for what it sells for used?

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@Marina, well I’ve searched extensively but all I can find is prices for the unit new which is what led me to ask this question and out of general curiosity.

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I am probably not much help. For me, if someone wanted to buy something I had and I was not using it, I would sell it to them cheap just to have it not take up space in my house. It only has the value the person who is interested will pay.

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Well, a lot of people go by the pay-half-the-original-cost idea.

I would look at how long you’ve had it, anything that’s gone wrong, cosmetically or otherwise, and whether the current retail version has any updated features. Take those into account and knock up to half the price off, maybe sell for $250 or so. You want him to feel like he’s getting a good deal, but you need to not feel like you’ve wasted your money.

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As an indicator or rule of thumb: by the end of the expected life-time of the product the value will be 0.
(New Product Price)/(Expected life-time in years)*(Full years left of expected life-time)=Used price +/- adjustments (physical condition, etc.)

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On eBay I did find some used 1st generation DROBOs being auctioned.

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Just to clarify: I’m looking for generic ways of pricing used electronics. I guess just disregard my example with the DROBO: it was only meant to be illustrative.

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I am not sure there is a generic way since all things don’t hold their value in the same way.

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