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How do you imagine remembering your time here?

Asked by ucme (49976points) 2 weeks ago

Sooner or later, either the site will fold or you will choose to leave.
Given that eventuality, what might be your take away memories of this place & its many diverse patrons.

Look ahead to look back.

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Basically just the few friends I made here that I’ll recollect with fondness. I’ll also remember the endless arguments and negativity, as well as personal attacks, which will help when I feel nostalgic. :D

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@KNOWITALL describes it perfectly.

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Best social media site EVER. Lots of…to me…great human beings. And yes, whatever their politics is.

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@KNOWITALL & yes, you @lucillelucillelucille I will definitely keep a place in my virtual heart for you two strong, funny, crazy, amazing girls :-)

Tick follows tock follows tick follows tock…

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@ucme Aw shucks. I really would hope to add you to Insta at least if that happens. Kinda feel like I’m losing my brother. :(
Acme will miss you too…heehee

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@KNOWITALL I get full custody of the little one, you may see him at weekends so long as you’re well behaved lol

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@ucme Then your a FT parent again! Haha

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I’ll remember it in its heyday, when it was very busy with a lot of Jellies, lots of questions and answers and parties and a bunch of silliness, plus a fair amount of arguments.

I’ll also remember it as a site that put me in touch with a lot of people I consider friends, and am in touch with on FB, or by mail, even if we may never meet in person, ever. Plus there were a few from Fluther who I became friends with on FB and who have passed away, and for those, I have fond memories.

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I would hope I could find a way to stay in touch with a couple of jellies.

I might take a trip to England, and post some personals ads reading “Do ucme? I don’t cu”, and see if I get at response.

It would make the loss of gone jellies all the more complete, with no way to visit their profile pages to reminisce.

I’d think of the vampires still, sometimes.

I reckon there’d be times I would pick up my phone, look at it a minute, then put it back down.

I wouldn’t join any new sites.

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^I wonder about the vampires. They were fun and they definitely made their mark on this site. :D

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I’ve already forgotten most of it. D:


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I am mostly gone, and for a while now. Gailcalled’s passing hit me hard. I remember lots of wonderful people, especially auggie. Thank goodness we had connected on FB. I hope to see more of you over there when you leave or when the site folds.

I also remember learning lots of cool stuff, discovering tons of great media, and occasionally being helpful.

Also – being on Fluther really took the wind out of my academic sails. When I was really active on this site I was in grad school to be a philosophy prof. But SavoirFaire – a (newly minted, I think, at the time?) philosophy prof – always got way more lurve than I did when he explained things. With good reason; he was always very good at it. And I was overly didactic for sure. I let that experience here discourage me too much, I think. It’s far from the only reason I’m not currently working in my field, but it did contribute.

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Aw, cmon tator, you are so many things.
Stick with us.

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@Patty_Melt Well thank you, that means a lot!

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I’ll remember it as one if the greatest things the internet has gifted me. A virtual lagoon full of thoughtful, interesting, and lovely people.

Maybe I’m lucky or clueless, but I’ve never been personally attacked here and any disagreements have not bothered me. I think you’re all pretty great, even if I don’t always agree with your perspective.

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How could anyone attack a guy full of chocolate chips? In the love of chocolate, I believe we are all kindred spirits, including aliens; illegal, and space types.

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@Patty_Melt I could make some cogent arguments against chocolate chips with sources, but I don’t wanna. :D

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@Patty_Melt: Exactly

@KNOWITALL: Well I was gonna come by and offer you some cookies, but…

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@KNOWITALL we’re friends, but you brought that on yourself.

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Ooh, fun. Okay, you’re back in @KNOWITALL.

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