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Would you eat a Covid cake?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28287points) 3 weeks ago


An infection confection?

I get the humor, but doesn’t sound appeting to me.

Would you eat a Covid cake?

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No thanks, SAM I AM.

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I made one for my grandma’s birthday. Similar to this but not as good. We stabbed it very dramatically and then ate it. It’s all gone now.

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I’d rather nibble on a spotted dick & that’s saying something!

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I prefer a nice, juicy tick cake.

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What is a COVID cake?

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I assume a Covid themed cake?

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click the link in the OP post.

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Yes. My taste buds have no shame or moral conflicts.

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Cake for any reason is good .

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@elbanditoroso The Post won’t allow you to see any of their articles unless you allow them to spam your computer with ads or pay for a subscription. My Ad Blocker is blocking them & I’m too stubborn to allow them access. I can see the top of the white icing & the very top of what appeared to be red & blue lettering. I tend to avoid ALL cakes as I’ve never met a cake that I didn’t like & NONE of them are good for me!!!

You are more than welcomed to eat my piece of the covid cake & Loli is also welcomed to eat my piece of her beloved tick cake as well!!!

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