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What do you bring to the [Fluther] party?

Asked by ucme (50003points) 3 weeks ago

A wealth of knowledge & a caring, sharing nature?

Humour, a light hearted, carefree approach?


Something/Anything else?

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Stretch pants for everybody!

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My boundless humility.

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Pancakes !

Every Fluther party needs pancakes ! ! ! !

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And Burritos!

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Mama’s cakes.

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These are fine & all but what I meant was, what do you personally bring to the site, your participation, how does it enrich & enthrall :D

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@ucme I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Seeing It is how I would like to be humored. About my psychic astral/time travel. I try to have good YouTube links from my constant binge watching . 20,000 + years of mistakes to warn people from.

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Common sense with a dash of disdain and a pinch of sarcasm. ;)

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Firstly, before I check in to Fluther, I usually go through a routine to get me in the right mindset.
It starts with a wobbly, stumbly nekkid pancake dance. Then I slip on a housecoat, throw open the front door, and shout, “what’s goin’ on?” Finally, I watch this video.
I am then ready to face Fluther.

With personal/social type questions I try to help with knowledge gained from personal experience.
I enjoy questions which allow for humor. Sometimes a question is asked which is not intended for humor, but I don’t have knowledge to help, and a quip comes to mind which I can’t pass up, I risk the redact.

When someone has an issue, and feels urgent about needing advice, I feel a responsibility to give the most helpful answer I can.

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Coronavirus in a spray bottle.

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I suppose, I think of Fluther, as a community.
I try to contribute knowledge, some humor, and stick up, for my fellow jellies…

I think my most valuable contribution, is being genuine.

Although, that’s not always welcome…

I also bring, an open heart… Many times, I have asked for help. Other times, I have tried to offer help…

I don’t sugar coat. And I try to apologize, when I have been offensive.

I have a very tribal/territorial, mindset. I have a great deal of respect/loyalty, to all of my fellow jellies…

I’m very great full, to be a part of our pond…

And. Even when I step out of line, I have nothing but peace and love, in my intentions…

I’ve probably pissed EVERY jelly off, at one point. But. I have nothing but love, for everyone. And. I have learned, and grown, as a person, from all of you…


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@MrGrimm888 Hugs back, brudda.

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That sounds like a toast, Grimmy. I like it.

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@KNOWITALL , and Patty…

I got your backs…

I know that you, got mine…

I appreciate, the reciprocity.

I hope, that I don’t let you down.

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@MrGrimm The only way you could ever let me down is to quit fighting for your own happiness. :D

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Thank you ladies. I’m giving it, all I’ve got.

If you stay strong, I will too…

Peace n love.

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I bring sunshine with my smile
I bring laughter all the while
In this world where we live
There should be more happiness
So much joy you can give
To each brand new bright tomorrow

Aye thangyoo..

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Profiteroles and eclairs!!!

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I just try to give people the stories and information I have learned over the past 77 years of my life.
I have a special gift of seeing solutions to issues others miss.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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Snacks and snark.

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