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What have you ever won?

Asked by ucme (50037points) July 10th, 2020


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The most I won at the lottery is $50. On a $20 ticket.

I won two silver (pewter) medals for under 14 soccer.

I won a chess champion trophy in Junior high school.

I have lots of ribbons from participation and lots of first place ribbons, in track and field.
It wasn’t a fair match because my growth spurt was sooner than my opponents.

I won a math award in grade one for having a perfect score.

A couple of times at Student Union including once as Social Convener executive consul.

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Hall monitor.
Best citizen.
French pronouciation.
Coveted office worker in hs.
I’m not a very lucky person, I have to work for it.
Two Addys and a Silver Addy.
Random beauty pageant junk.
Two elections.

My husband is very lucky and has won huge gifts many times. Like a huge fishing prize pack, a bluetooth wireless speaker, 30k on a scratch off, etc..

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A boatload of awards for artwork & costumes.
Last but not least. my husband’s heart.:D

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I won two gemstones for rapier dagger fencing for backstabbing my teamates and winning the pub brawl. I traded for auction items that I gave to my teammates.

I still have my strawberry throw that I won as a child for $.25.

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Maybe $3–5 on a scratch ticket once.

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Assorted trophies in HS
A few medals
A gunfight
The love of a great woman
A positive attitude

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I always take the most prizes when playing Bingo.
And on every cakewalk, I win a cake.

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@kritiper Ohhh! In grade 5 I won 6 cakes on a cake walk. I gave 5 cakes to my classmates and ate the sixth on the way home.

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Public speaking – first place (elementary school).
First place at the science fair in elementary school.
Trophies for soccer in high school.

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- A Barbie doll in a balloon hop
– A cake in a cake walk
– A blue fox coat from a clothing shop that was holding a raffle
– The heart of my life partner

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I won $1620 on a slot machine in Reno once.

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A Blazer for shooting a hole-in-one on an indoor green, 40 foot from ball placement to hole.

Talent contest for 7 counties, senior games, 20 other contestants / groups. Two of us sing “This land is Your land”

Split a $8000 lottery win 5 ways !

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When I was a kid I won $25 with a scratch of lottery ticket.

I’ve won several raffle items like duffle bags and t-shirts.

A little bit of money here and there at casinos. I’m probably behind overall though.

3 legged race with a friend when we were kids at a community field day.

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Well. I love games. I can’t think of one, I haven’t won, at least once.

I suppose I could say, I’ve never lost a fight. But. That’s not a game…

I’m probably best, at “paper, rock, scissors.” I look at the other player’s eyes, and I seem to be able to tell, what they are going to use…

I was on a few American Football teams, that were undefeated.

I won 1st place at my State Fair, for a drawing. I think I was 16…

I have won, like three, out of several hundred, Texas Hold Em, Poker games.

I won a lot of “Risk” tournaments, for money.

I have won, a LOT, of 2 on 2, basketball games. Although, I was much younger.

I used to do some drag racing, and, I did well… Not for lots of money, though.

I have lots of “Madden” wins (Super Nintendo, and Playstation.)

I used to box too, and did quite well…Nothing pro….

I am respectable, in most games, or contests…

Perhaps my favorite, was “strip poker,” and I got to see lots of girls, naked!


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I have a secret. I never finished Mike Tysons punch out. I also have never gotten past page 80 or so of Lord of the Rings.

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- A blue ribbon at a 4-H competition for my fruit salad
– A 6 ft. tall blue teddy bear
– Most Improved Golfer my senior year in high school. (I went from horrible to bad, but still most improved!)
– A few dollars here and there on scratch-off lottery tickets

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I won a 5K race in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) over thirty years ago.
I won $50 in the NY State Lotto once with three numbers matching (out of six).

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