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Have you ever put a professional on hold?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17117points) 3 weeks ago

Like cable/internet/phone provider on hold? Or a government bureaucrat official? A telemarketer?

For any reason? Like having to use the facilities?

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Telemarketers I have sometimes done much worse to, such as 3-way dialing them to other numbers, or putting them on hold with recordings desired to torture and/or insult telemarketers,

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That’s what the mute button on the phone is for. I can go to the bathroom, hit mute, take care of my business, flush, & then hit unmute. IF they ask a Q that requires a reply, I hit the unmute to answer their Q & then mute again so I can continue my business. I’ve NEVER had anyone ask me what I’m doing!!!

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Used to do it all the time where I worked 50 years ago. We would often get a call for a person in our group that was working on a question / problem.
We would get back on the phone once a minute or so to let the person the other end know the the person they were calling would be with them shortly.

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Telemarketers while I go get my whistle. (when it is not s recording)

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