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Are you aware of the titanic struggle currently being waged for your sympathies between the Falun Gung and the Chinese Communist Party?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21926points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

The war is being waged on the great battlefield of gullible American ignorance.

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No. Please explain.

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Given the ubiquitous Shen Yun billboards, mailers, handouts, flyers everywhere, it is hard to miss, but their pleas for sympathy seem like accommodating a very strange cult.

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It’s a fight to the death. And it appears the party has met its match. Shen Yun along with the Epoch Times are just 2 of the effective monkey wrenches hurled into the machinery of planned Chinese world domination. Who would have thought a cult more astute than the U.S. government?

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…the machinery of planned Chinese world domination.

Actually, Falun Gong wants an alternative machine of Chinese world domination, without deviation from their own strictures.

Wait until Falun Gong battles the Rev Sun Myung Moon.’s adherents.

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A few years ago, a family member gave us tickets to the Shen Yun dance performance that is constantly being advertised. I love dance and appreciate Chinese culture so thought it would be fun.

Dancing was wonderful, but about twenty minutes in it became very clear this was a propaganda machine that only increased in intensity as the show went on.

We both felt played by the end of it.

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I don’t know anything at all about this. Can you cite some sources and show links?

I’ve seen the lovely (if overly color-saturated) Shen Yun ads on YouTube, and they made me think a little bit of the North Korean mass games, which are sheer propaganda, but I had no idea of their context or connection.

> Who would have thought a cult more astute than the U.S. government?
Not sure what degree of facetiousness to infer here, but it doesn’t seem surprising that members of a given culture would understand the ways of that culture better than others and know what buttons to push.

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Documentary about the North Korean mass games: A State of Mind (2004).

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@cookieman I always wondered what those billboards were about.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me: Yeah, they sell it as a dance, music, costuming cultural experience — and it is, but soon enough booming voice over, gobos, and banners start preaching their political perspective…pretty adamantly by the end.

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“Wait until Falun Gong battles the Rev Sun Myung Moon.’s adherents.”

I’d pay money to see that.

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I had no idea, but I sure wouldn’t appreciate attending a performance as described by @cookieman. I found this.

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