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How often do you bake a cake?

Asked by Jeruba (49591points) 1 week ago

For what reason or occasion, or “just because”?

What kind do you like best?

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Always “just because”! And often when I am really stressed or have been watching The Great British Baking Show.
And now I want to bake a cake!

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I was baking a lot this winter during the shut down. I don’t bake as much in the summer but I will bake a few fruit pies over the summer. I don’t often bake cakes per se but I do usually bake myself a cake for my birthday – eat some and freeze the rest. It is the cake my Mom would make for our birthdays and we all loved it – a banana layer cake with coffee frosting. when I worked, I sometimes made carrot cakes for parties at work and I also made a chocolate and cream cheese cake when my sons were around but I don’t bake those much any more.

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I love cake but I don’t bake anything too often for home, except maybe Irish Soda Bread. Cakes and quick breads, like banana bread, I may bake and then after about two days I get sick of it and end up throwing it out. It’s just me and my teen daughter and she doesn’t really eat that stuff so it’s just me, really. Two days, maybe three tops and I’m done with the item. Even if I buy a cake, I will end up chucking it out when I tire of it.

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I only bake a cake once! They tend to burn if you bake them more than that!

But seriously, I might bake a cake every month or so. More often now that grandson is living with us and likes to help.

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@janbb I portion and freeze the rest, too. It’s a nice treat when I remember that I’ve done that!

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@canidmajor Yes. I’ve got a few slices of my birthday cake I need to get to soon!

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A meringue cradle cake was made this year. The last time a cake was made was probably five years ago. If banana bread counts, it is made several times a year.

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I bake a cake about 4 times a year.

I make pound cake from scratch. It’s delicious! My husband requests it. I make it about twice a year. This is my favorite that I make at home.

I make a box mix twice a year. Usually, it’s because I saw it on sale and put it in my pantry for back up. Last cake like this was lemon cake 6 weeks ago. I made my own lemon drizzle icing. Next one could be anything, spice, chocolate, I like many types of cake.

I also make box brownies periodically, I don’t know if that counts.

My very favorite cake I bought last week, but I don’t make it I buy it. It’s Mounds cake. It’s chocolate cake with layers of coconut and two types of chocolate icing. If I could get a recipe I would make it.

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If banana bread counts then probably 4 times a year.

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Twice a year
For my son’s Bdays

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Cake in a mug once in a blue moon. (faster microwave instant cake).

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Cake 15 years ago. Pie six months.

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I positively never heard of cake in a mug before. Now I might have to try that sometime.

I bake three birthday cakes a year, and my son bakes one for me. Then I throw in a few others on various occasions, including a very easy banana loaf using yellow cake mix. And cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. I used to make a super chocolate cake from scratch, an old family recipe, but these days ease trumps a lot of other things.

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I want your recipie for the scratch cake @Jeruba.

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I’ve never baked a cake. Generally I’m not real big on sweets.

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Ooh…would love your super chocolate cake from scratch recipe if you’re okay with sharing.

At least three times a year for the kids’ half birthdays. Actual birthdays are usually about parties and friends. That calls for a sheet cake from Safeway or something.

Half birthdays are just for our family. It’s kind of nice. Plus presenting them with half of a cake is always funny.

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During the month of July, with its 95F/35C days, I try to avoid any oven use.

Other times of the year, I often bake an insanely delicious coffee cake that people always praise and compliment. I usually make it a couple of times each month, for company, events, and gifts.

I’d attach the recipe, but I don’t think we can do that at Fluther. If you’re interested, contact me by PM.

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Sure, I’ll post the chocolate cake recipe. Turns out I don’t have a soft copy, so I’ll have to transcribe it. Right now it exists only in the binder of recipes I copied by hand from my mother’s cookbook when I left home at 19. Pretty sure I can still find it. As I recall, it calls for unsweetened cocoa powder.

These days I stick with Betty Crocker mixes, and my favorite is the regular yellow cake—not “butter recipe”—the one and only variety that has been consistently out of stock at 5 nearby stores since sometime in April or May. Graduations, weddings, sure, I get baking at home—but everybody loves Betty Crocker yellow cake best? I had no idea.

I do know you can get basically the same thing with a box of white cake—just throw in the egg yolks and it’s yellow.

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Of course you can post the recipe @LoveDog.

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Well, my friend V., it seems that I’m just too darn-tootin’ dumb! Could you PM the instructions? Please try to use monosyllables.

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I don’t know what you’re asking.
Just type the recipie in like a reply.

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I’m at this moment throwing a shortcake together. We need to burn through some peaches and strawberries.

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