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Can I cash a check that's been electronically deposited?

Asked by Fluther90 (4points) 3 weeks ago
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Do you mean can you get money out of it twice?

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You already cashed it with your deposit.

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@Strauss, we’re not sure who has already deposited it.

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No, you cannot cash a check that has already been electronically deposited.

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I think it’s been done, though, @Hawaii_Jake, even if not properly or legally.

I heard a parent at a 12-step meeting say that his son had electronically double-deposited several gift checks from his grandmother. The man was concerned for his son and told us that he was trying to persuade the grandmother not to press charges, because, of course, then the son might have to go to jail.

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@Jeruba, I see. The bank will undoubtedly withdraw any illegally obtained funds. I do not know if they will alert the county prosecutor.

To amend my statement above: you cannot legally cash a check that has already been deposited.

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If you deposited it, then you can withdraw the money as soon as the check clears.

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All you can do is go to the bank and withdraw the money.

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If you electronically deposit the check and then take the check to the bank to cash it, you could end up in jail for stealing the funds. It’s similar to robbing the bank or shoplifting because you’re stealing the money either from the bank or the .company who wrote the check. To avoid accidentally doing that, I keep a red felt tip pen in the junk drawer and I write a large red “D” on the front of the check just as soon as I electronically deposit it, so I’ll know for sure it was deposited. Then I check my bank until the check clears and I then write a large red “C” with the date on the back so I can see that it cleared and when it cleared

To keep everything legal, you can electronically deposit the check, wait until it clears (usually 24–48 hours)and then write a check on the funds in your account.

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Do it and the check will bounce.

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If you have a paper copy of the check it should say “Void” all over it.

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My bank says that if you electronically deposit a check then try to deposit the paper check at the bank, they will cancel the electronic deposit and void the paper check. So you will have to contact the check writer to write a new check if you still want that money.

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