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What are some unique physical characteristics that you find attractive in a mate?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10701points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

I’m not talking tall, dark and handsome here.

Something different!

I like a small gap between the two front teeth. I like noses that have character (nothing crazy, though ha!). This is for both men and women.

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Easy on the eyes and healthy weight, height about 5’10 inches +

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Pretty teeth, dynamite smile, smart and sarcastic wit.

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Hips that are square, not being too long or too short, with a nice round muscular mass. Not too fat, not skinny. Tall but not taller than myself. Adequate front bumpers that are not too small or too large and have sufficient firmness. And with a “A” personality, a woman who knows what she wants, when she wants it, and isn’t afraid to say so.

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Alive, human, female.

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I’ve always been attracted to reddish blond or strawberry blond hair, although I’ve never had a girlfriend with exactly that color.

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Powerfully built, massively voluptuous, & a lot bigger and stronger than me.

I tried to apply some realization to this by having my wife take a 2-hour self-defense class, hoping that after she took it, she would be able to kick my ass.

Unfortunately, she only took the class to return a prerequisite favor I had done for her, and had almost no interest in it.

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I love shapely legs, but above all else I really like a killer sense of humour .

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When she farts during sex
Air conditioning for my balls.

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I’m drawn to expressive eyes and hands.

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Length and girth.

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Dimples, including on the chin. Yes, like Kirk Douglas.
Prominent veins on the forearms, a telling detail.
Big nose, not like Karl Malden, but like David Brenner or Barry Manilow’s.
He should be very good at something.
Although my child rearing days are over, I am still attracted to men who enjoy children, and show a nurturing nature.

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My friend says I am attracted to men with a head like a lunch box.
She’s right.
I tried to talk my husband (a classic lunch box head) into getting a Scooby-Do face tattoo but he declined.
That probably would have sent me over the edge anyway :D

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@Brian You are so funny. Sounds like you want to be a sub. If that’s true, have you ever told her? Its pretty mainstream now.

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Dark hair.

Medium build (I don’t find very tall or rock hard bodies attractive).

My husband has a small wrinkle by his eye that I find adorable. You only see it if you are very close to his face, he has very few wrinkles.

Medium to full lips.

Someone who smiles a lot.

Someone who has a relaxed demeanor. How they sit, how they hold their arms. Not slouched over, but not so upright that they look at attention all the time.

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Physically fit. The fitter the better.

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The back and shoulders of a woman can be really sexy to me for some reason. They’re strong but also feminine.

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“unique”, as in, uncommon?

Um…pale skin and pretty feet.

Ultimately though, it’s all about intelligence. Book smart, street smart, emotionally smart. Logos, ethos, and pathos. Gotta be smarter than me (which isn’t that hard).

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A woman who smells normal. No perfumes, no artificial crap, no make-up. Someone that has the self-confidence and self-image to be herself. Very hard to find.

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I usta was that.^
Now I’m mumu mama.

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No physical attributes come to mind. What grabs my attention are personality-based.

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I have a thing for noses. I like a prominent nose. I cannot say why, but what a lot of people might think is an ugly nose or a large nose might be really attractive to me.

Androgyny. I like soft butch women and a pretty men.

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@tinyfaery yes, on the prominent nose!

Like I said, gap between teeth and prominent nose. Andy Sandberg and Pete Davidson.

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