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Why can't I sign up for

Asked by AsksQuestions (32points) 3 weeks ago

They won’t activate my account, and have yet to respond to questions about why my account is not activated. Is my account probably on some blacklist? Do you think this is human error? I’m not getting banned off other websites.

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Unfortunately, I think only Answermug would have the answer to that.

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What have you done to make you automatically jump to thinking that you’re on a blacklist?

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@SEKA I’ve been shadowbanned on Reddit before and said ridiculous things on Reddit before. I can still use Reddit today. Besides that, I’m not sure what else would get me on a blacklist.

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The suspicious side of me feels that this was spam aimed to make people visit the aforementioned site.

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@Lightlyseared Nope, I’m just some guy stuck locked out of Answermug.

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