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Whom from your past life would you like to see again, just once, for five minutes, to ask, "How has your life turned out?"?

Asked by Jeruba (51895points) July 13th, 2020

And if they asked you in turn, what would you say?

Let’s just put a frame around that fading picture in your gallery.

You know that with the pandemic still spreading, some number of us won’t get to have the thoughtful, reflective end-of-life experience we might have expected, nor will the old group be there to do it for us afterward. I’m thinking about other ways we might like to consider.

Tags as I wrote them: personal reflections, old friends, life stories, history, crystallizing. This one was hard to tag.

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This girl I had a crush on when I was 13 she was 21 so it could have never gone anywhere but I haven’t seen her in like 46 years just wondered what ever happened to her.

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An ex-boyfriend. I dated him for four years and almost married him. We lost contact when I was in my late 20’s. I’d love to know how he’s doing. Is he married and does he have any kids. Is he happy? I’d like to reminisce about old times. I dated guys in my teens and twenties. I then came out as a lesbian in my late 20’s. Out of all the guys that I dated, he’s the only one that I loved.

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My first serious boyfriend from when I was 17 to 20. I’d love to know what has happened to him.

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After moving back to my home town, I’ve had that experience with most of the ones that I would have cared to ask. All the others have died over the last few years, so I guess I’ll never know for sure. My first love turned out to be a lying, cheating creep, so I’m now glad that it didn’t work out. I would like to have seen my ex hubs one more time…not so much to see how his life turned out but to let him see that mine was much better without him!!! From what I’ve heard, he died a horribly painful death.

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In spite of 45 wonderful married years to my current husband, I would love to see my former, who left me for our housekeeper. I loved her and him. He later married someone else. I am glad he found a good match.

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Sometimes I wonder how my first crush in junior high school turned out.

Last I met him expectantly at a Chartered accountant firms party ( my ex worked for him) .

Turned out he did very well by becoming a Partner in the Firm .

Another one that I think about is a man whom I had dated for three years, who was very good with my children when he visited etc However he was single while I had three children so it would not have worked out , plus he cheated on me so I put and end to that relationship fast.


Another recent man who was so loving,kind, intelligent and world traveler, spoke several
languages,taught overseas etc

All those good qualities and then I found out that he did this to many women before and after

me , just travelling the world and living free and being entertained by all these women all these years.

Not a good sign for any short he was a “player” .

It took over three years to get over him and still now it is very hard to trust anyone.

One thing for sure though ,I pulled through and have set stronger boundaries should I ever enter into another relationship?

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Remember my answer to the question about being nekkid in the moonlight?
He dumped me and married a civilian girl. Later he claimed to regret it.

A little girl who used to live downstairs from me. She would be in her forties now.
Her mother was illiterate, and learning disabled. She came up with all sorts of felonious ways to pay her bills. I spent a lot of time with the little girl during the few months I lived there.
I helped her pass a spelling test which was going to determine whether or not she would repeat the grade. I taught her some basics in cake decorating. She would watch when I tinkered on my car, and I explained the tools to her, and what they were used for.
I hoped to impress on her that she didn’t have to live like her mother to get by.
She was quick as a spark.
I have often wondered how her life turned out.

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It would be Jane. She lived down the street, and we were best friends for several years. The family moved to another state when we were about seven. We stayed in touch for for awhile via letters, and she came to visit once.

Time passed, and we eventually lost touch. It’s been almost 50 years, and I still wonder how her life turned out.

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